The best dream ever

So basically this a story of a ordinary girl who meets her love Harry styles. And they fall in love


3. chapter three

So we got on the bus when I realised that I had left my phone and my money I just got a new phone recently and I got it for Christmas Harry ran up to get it for me which was so sweet! The engine started and it was official two people had fainted that was Eva my little sister and Louise my little cousin the ambulance where on there way.

It wasn't anything serious it was just the fact that Louise had met Zayn and Eva had met Niall me and Harry shared a Block on the bus and there was a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a living room. We had a fully stocked kitchen, i decided to make cupcakes and shortbread I made enough for everyone so that's what we had for lunch.

It was the boys first concert tomorrow and me Eva and Louise went out shopping for the perfect outfit. I found a really nice red top and jeans, Eva lilic top and jeans and Louise had a blue top and jeans, we got back on the bus and the boys where eating as usual, I made us a pizza and chips but Zayn had already phoned in a Chinese so I just made that for us girls.

Mia's P.O.V

I couldn't wait until tomorrow it would have been the second time I will have seen one direction accept this time I was on the tour bus! I was actually sick but I couldn't be sick! It would ruin everything!! This couldn't happen no it just couldn't!

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