The best dream ever

So basically this a story of a ordinary girl who meets her love Harry styles. And they fall in love


1. chapter one

Hi I'm Mia and I'm going to meet my friend at the shops BLEEP so there's Rebecca texting me "meet you at three?" So I headed out and met Rebecca while I was standing there I could not believe my eyes. I slapped Rebecca really hard Its HARRY STYLES!!! I was so surprised I fainted and you'll never guess who gave me mouth to mouth HARRY STYLES!! That's who caused the problem in the first place so this is not gonna help. I woke up and I saw Harry close up. I couldn't believe I was meeting the man of my dreams and there was Rebecca playing TEMPLE RUN while HARRY STYLES was standing there. Is that girl out of her mind? Harry was even more attractive in person. I eventually plucked up the courage to say "hey" "hi, are you okay?" He said with worry in his eyes "yeah, better than I've ever been!" I said excitedly. I thought of myself as the biggest one direction fan ever, and right now I wasn't even thinking so I wasn't even thinking and I said "you know I consider myself as one of the biggest one direction fans in the world" and he replied "oh do you now?" "Yeah, I do actually" I said "oh well in that case..." And he leant foreword and KISSED ME!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I was going to die. So after that Harry took me back to his place In London, Louis was there. Me and Louis talked for a while which was amazing but nothing beats kissing Harry!! So they had a spare bed and I slept on it in the morning Harry came in and woke me up by pouring water on my face and I slapped him. I woke up dripping wet, and Harry said "morning beautiful" and I said "morning" he leant foreword and kissed me and said "how is my girlfriend today?" I said "fantastic, how is my boyfriend today?" "Brilliant" he said cheerfully. I know this might sound very cheesy but it just felt amazing at the time. So it was official I was DATING HARRY STYLES!

Mia's P.O.V

I still couldn't believe it me an ordinary girl dating Harry styles, I think we've just entered a parallel universe or I'm going crazy!

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