Horan Hug

Anna is a lost girl. She has lost her only reason to move on, keep living.
Everyday she shut's people out, ignores the insults thrown at her and cries herself to sleep every night.
All she want is to go back to the way it was.
What if all she needs is someone who cares and a hug?


2. Gone...

I look over at Jade as we walk to the nearest bus stop. I remember the first time I saw her. It was the best and worst day of my life.

I was sitting in the waiting area, doodling on my hand with a pen. My father was sitting next to me, nervously twiddling his thumbs and constantly telling me to stop. I knew he hated me drawing on my hand, but drawing always calmed me down.  Kind of like music does to some people. Well anyway, I was drawing on my hand and my dad was telling me to stop. I was 12 back then so of course, wanting to grow up, I acted like a teenager and ignored him, trying to be ‘rebellious’. He got mad and slapped the pen away from my hand. It landed with a little “clink” on the floor. He stood up and looked down on me.

‘Behave you little twat! I’m nervous enough without you being a brat and disobeying me!’ He spat into my face. There were about half a dozen people sitting in the waiting room, not including us, but that didn’t stop him.

‘You ungrateful little bitch, do you know what I would do to you if your mother wasn’t there to protect you? Well first of al-‘

‘Mr Wilson?’ A male voice spoke from the hallway.

My father turned around.


‘It’s… it’s your wife sir.’

That’s when we found out my mother had died giving birth to the most wonderful little baby in the world. She may have the most horrid father, but she had the most beautiful mother. I don’t remember much of her but I do remember that she was the best thing I had before Jade.

A nurse was holding Jade in a fluffy pink blanket and feeding her bottled milk. She had like 3 strand of golden hair on her head, just like her mothers, where as I have my stupid father’s hair colour. Black.  Although when I turned 14 I dyed the tips blue. Anyway, my father was sobbing at my dead mother’s side and not giving a care in the world to his new baby girl. He wouldn’t name her, he wanted nothing to do with her. I was heartbroken about my mother but a few weeks went by and after looking after jade my heart became complete again.  I’ve basically raised her on, and as my own.


‘Ok now Jade hold my hand while we cross the road ok?’ She nods and grabs my hand.

‘Ok, look left…’ We look left. No cars were coming.

‘Look rig- JADE!’ She had let go of my hand and ran across the road. There was a car speeding from the right. At least 20 over the limit.

‘JADE RUN!’ I yell at her but it was too late. The last thing I loved… was gone.

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