Keeping Her Safe[Harry Styles]

Keeping Her Safe

Harry is Tori's older brother. Tori can be the difficult little sister. No matter what, they stick together and protect each other. Even if they don't want to admit it, they both need each other to stay away from their father. He's out on a mission to kill the two of them like he did their mom. They ran away, keeping long distance from him and keeping a low profile.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

I don't really know what's happened, I thought I heard Tori screaming but it was hard to tell at the time. And now it seems like every move I make causes pain, and I can't really tell where I am. I think that I'm...

A man walks in, evilly smiling while he holds a girl who's struggle to break free of his grip on her. She squirms around, fighting to get away as he covers her mouth, his other arm tightly around her waist.

"Glad to see you're awake now Harry," the man says. "I know how much you love your little baby sister, so I brought her along to watch."

"Watch what?" The girl.. My sister says hysterically when she finally gets her mouth out from under his hand.

"Oh, the simplest of things. I hope you can handle blood sweetheart," the man smirks, more of a twisted grin.

"Blood.. No, wait what?" I mutter, squinting.

"You heard me, blood. I hope you can handle it. After all, the both of you seemed to have no problem with it when you were children, although Tori mustn't remember that. She was only a young little girl and you, well you Harold, you were a five year old. Your mother loved the both of you very much, but focused her attention on you far too much, she never gave me any attention what so ever. Surely you were able to handle yourself, right Harold?"

"D-Tim?" I say questioningly.

"That's right. Funny that, you thought I wouldn't be able to find any of you. But, I have and look where you're both at. You're both going to end up where your mother is, so there isn't any point in running. I'll find you again. I have found you once, so it can't be that hard," he explains.

"No, you can't hurt Harry. Certainly me, but not my brother. You can't touch him or hurt him or anything," Tori says quickly, still struggling.

"Shut up you little brat," Tim growls, slapping her.

"Put her down. Now," I snap, finding enough strength to finally bring myself to my feet. I stand there, my hands in fists-I'm a lot taller than him, so I try my best to seem intimidating.

"Well if I did that, she's got a better advantage of getting away. And we don't want that, do we Harold," Tim asks, shoving Tori to the floor and coming towards me.

"Harry, no run, Harry please," Tori screams, tears streaming down her face.

"No, I'd rather have me die than you. I won't let you get hurt hun, you're my sister and I'm still here to protect you," I say, focusing my full and undivided attention on my father.

"Brave one I have here," he humphs.

"You have? If it weren't for mom, I would've died because of you," I spit back, "and who knows what would've happened to Tori?"

"Do I look like I'm looking for a backstory or something?"

"It's not, but um, you may wanna look behind you," I say, biting my lip.

Tori's gotten up and made a run for it, screaming as she runs, her small feet pattering as her Converse hits the cement floor. I can see her running until she makes a sharp turn.


* * * * *Tori's POV* * * * *


I run into a new room-though this dump looks like a maze, what with all the twists and turns, and being built out of pure cement. This room looks somewhat like a kitchen, so I run over to this mini-fridge, grabbing the handle and yanking. A few tugs, and it's open. I stare at the three little shelves, beers clumped together in small bunches on the top shelf, frozen dinners stacked up on the second shelf. There wasn't much here, and I have no clue-nor do I want to know- how he can possibly eat the dinners since there is no microwave to cook them in.

My  head snaps up and I slam the fridge door when I hear heavy footprints, so I take off running again. It's a good thing that I was in track when I was back at school-because we're currently on break, that's what one of my friends said anyway when she texted me... "Tori, stop running!" Harry calls.

I turn my head to look behind me and see Harry running behind me to catch up. "No! I need out of here. We both do!" I scream back, continuing my fast-paced stride down the long, dark narrow hallway. "Just, run Harry. Run and don't stop. We can both outrun Dad."

Harry finally catches up to me, running along side me as we make our way around the empty stone building, desperately searching for an exit. We finally find a way out and shove on the door, stumbling out into the bright and blinding sunlight.

"We can't stop running. He still has the chance to catch up if we stop. Come on, let's get home," Harry says, panting lightly.

I nod, breathing in deeply before bolting. Harry and I make it about 2 miles with limited breaks.

* * * * * Harry's POV * * * * *

We make it home safely, running the whole way. "Tori, we need to leave," I say, panting.

"I know we do, but where do you expect us to go? We don't have anyone around here that would wanna take us in?"

"I have friends. Like Nick," I shrug.

"Yeah, I have friends too. Like Mike, and Justin and all my girls and especially Mike," Tori smirks when she says Mike.

"I thought you liked Justin," I frown, becoming curious and confused.

"Well yeah, but I kinda gave up on him. He told me he likes this one girl and... Yeah. He said he's gonna ask her out. But, BUT he did tell me that Mike said I'm cute and that Mike likes me a lot. And, I really like Mike too. I just like Justin a little-lot- more. And he told me that Mike is gonna ask me ooouuuttttt," Tori sings, giggling and smiling like an idiot.

"Oh Tori, you're a silly little girl," I laugh, hugging her tightly.

"Hey, Harry, are you okay?" She asks softly.

"Yeah, it's just, everything that just happened is pretty crazy. How about you? Did he hurt you, really bad?" I ask, rubbing her back and kissing her forehead.

"Well, he slapped me pretty hard. And his grip on my waist," she begins, "it hurt a little. My hip hurts a little. Like, whenever I move."

"You want a piggyback ride then? I ask, bending down.

"Sure, since you're asking," Tori says, climbing onto my back. She wraps her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck, her lips by my ear while she giggles and I toss her up a little to keep her up on my back so she won't slip and fall.

"Only because you're my favorite sister," I smile, patting her leg.

"I'm your only sister, stupid," she laughs, kissing my cheek. "But you're my favorite brother ever."

"I know," I smile even wider, carrying her to her room so she can get everything packed up and we can leave for Nick's.

"Harry, what are we gonna do if Dad finds us again?" She asks softly.

"Well, we can run, and if he were to find out we were at Nick's-which he shouldn't- then he couldn't hurt us. There would be even more witnesses. And plus, Nick would let us keep the car in the garage, so that way he wouldn't be able to find us as easily," I explain.

"Sometimes, you can be freakishly smart, ya know that?"

"Sometimes, what do you mean sometimes?" I ask, pretending to drop her; she screams, pulling on my shirt.

"I mean, you do a lot of stupid things, but you're a smart one," she says, half out of breath.

"Thanks, and, you know I wouldn't drop you, don't be so scared. Or I get to tease youuuu," I say, letting her slide down onto her bed so she can get everything together; everything that she plans on taking with her while we stay at Nick's before finding a new place to stay.

"Didn't you know that Mike is Nick's cousin?" Tori asks.

"Really? Nick tell ya that?"

"No, Mike did. He showed me his mom, him and Nick with the rest of their family and it was for Nick and his girlfriend's anniversary party thing and none of anyone was invited but family, so that is enough proof there that Mikey is clearly part of Nick's family sooooo, ya get what I'm getting at here?" Tori laughs, nudging my arm as she sits up on the bed.

"Ugh, Tori, no," I say, shaking my head, "you are just too young for that."

"Harry! I'm not talking about sleeping with Mike, I'm talking about actually getting to talk to him and getting to be able to go out with him, god you idiot," she explains, frowning at me.

"I know, but I shouldn't let you-"

"Harry, stop being too protective, I know Mike already, just not very well. I've talked to him a few times, know a few things about him, but him and I need to get to know each other better if he wants to ask me out, or anything like that," she says, giving me a look.

"I'm supposed to be protective. You're supposed to be doing things that I don't agree with and getting into trouble, and I'm supposed to be the one to protect you from breaking your heart or breaking something else, and I'm supposed t-"

"You're supposed to be my dad and make sure everything's perfect in my life and nothing's there to harm me. I know, I know, I've heard it all before," Tori mutters, rolling her eyes.

"Yes, which is why we're going to Nick's house, so hurry up and pack everything up so we can leave," I say, rushing her and myself a little, hurrying out of her room to my own to get my stuff together.















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