Keeping Her Safe[Harry Styles]

Keeping Her Safe

Harry is Tori's older brother. Tori can be the difficult little sister. No matter what, they stick together and protect each other. Even if they don't want to admit it, they both need each other to stay away from their father. He's out on a mission to kill the two of them like he did their mom. They ran away, keeping long distance from him and keeping a low profile.


4. Chapter 4

"Okay, see the thing is, you've seemed to have really fallen for Justin. But I've heard a lot about him, and all I've heard isn't good. Except for maybe one or two things. I want to let you go out with him but I'm afraid to at the same time. Only because I don't want you to get hurt badly. I'm only looking out for you, so I want you to understand if I end up saying no, okay?" Harry says.

"Okay. I know how he is too Harry. But that doesn't mean that the bad things he's done makes him a bad person. That just makes him a good boy who's done stupid things. I don't care that he's messed up before. We all have, we're human and humans make mistakes. I look past all of the bad things he's ever done or attempted, and I see a beautiful, smart, talented boy who knows what he's doing with his life and himself. He hasn't gotten into any drugs yet, or smoking. He has tried alcohol, but only once because his friends held him down and shoved it down his throat, the poor baby," I explain, defending Justin.

"So? He's still had alcohol. And he could've just bit his lips from the inside to keep-"

"Harry, shut up. That's mean to judge him. You're just listening to talk. That's what everyone says, 'he could've done this, he could've done that', 'he shouldn't be allowed here or there'. It's not fair for him. Everyone judges him. Everyone except for me-I think, I mean I don't try to if I do. Besides, if you really knew him, he has straight A's and participates in class, ask any of his classmates or teachers. He isn't bad. There's just a few people who have misinterpreted what really happened with him and spread rumors of him doing over half of what they say he's done. He was trying to keep from getting any of the alcohol in his mouth, but at least it was just a small sip of beer rather than a whole flask of hard liquor, right? And, and he's very polite and holds the door for girls and tells girls to go before him because it's 'ladies first' and he's very well mannered, and the list just goes on," I say, quickly running out of breath.

"You really like Justin, don't you?" Harry asks.

"Yes! I've been telling you that!" I say a little louder than necessary.

"You like him so much that you'd make up everything you just told me about him," Harry says, no emotion in his words, his eyes, on his face.

"I didn't make any of that up, Harry! Why would you think I did that?" I say, my voice rising.

"What? Oh, sorry. I think that was what I said to Dad at one point I'm sorry Tori. I was just thinking about the whole..." Harry trails off.

"Oh, it's fine I guess."

"I'm sorry sis," he smiles, hugging me, "let me meet Justin sometime soon though, okay? I'll make my judgment from there."

"Okay. Trust me, you will just love him. He's perfect," I sigh, a dreamy look in my eyes.

"Yep, I'm sure he is," Harry says, standing up and patting my shoulder.

Personally, I thought that was a bit weird. Where was the whole lecture about how I need to act my age and not throw fits? Where was the 'what's wrong with you, I've been raising you better?' thing that usually starts off the lecture? What happened? And most importantly, where's my phone?

"Harry?! Where'd my phone go?" I shout, standing up and looking around for it.

"Have you checked your pocket? Or your bag?" he calls from a different area of the flat.

"No," I mumble, feeling stupid.

I grab my bag, checking all of the places I'd out my phone. Nothing. "Dammit,"  I mumble.

"What'd you just say?" Harry asks.

"Umm nothing. I said nothing," I say, turning around. I try to scream, but a hand comes up and covers my mouth. Kicking, punching, and thrashing around, I try to escape the grasp he has on my.

When I finally can speak again, I scream, I scream as loud as I can, "HARRY, HARRY HELP ME! HARRY!"


"HARRY! HARRY! HARRY!" I scream over and over again.

Still nothing.

"HARRY HELP ME!" I scream as loud as possible. "HARRY!!!"

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