Keeping Her Safe[Harry Styles]

Keeping Her Safe

Harry is Tori's older brother. Tori can be the difficult little sister. No matter what, they stick together and protect each other. Even if they don't want to admit it, they both need each other to stay away from their father. He's out on a mission to kill the two of them like he did their mom. They ran away, keeping long distance from him and keeping a low profile.


3. Chapter 3

Tori's POV

"Harry! Get up, you gotta take me to school!" I whisper scream, shoving on him as he rolls around in bed mumbling. "Harry. Seriously. Wake. Up."

He sits up lazily, rubbing his eyes. "Since when are you actually excited about school?"

"Since Jayde texted me twenty minutes ago and told me that this guy I like is gonna ask me out. Seriously!! Get up!! Or I'll throw this pillow at you."

"Fine! I'm up!! Jeesh," Harry says, rolling his eyes.

To be honest, I'm surprised he never realized that I mentioned something about this guy I like, Justin, asking me out. Usually when I even mention a boy, he flips out and gives me the 'No boyfriends Tori you are wayyyyy too young for that' lecture. I usually zone out anyway when he does. He acts like my dad, except nicer. Way nicer.

"Hurry up and get ready. I don't wanna be late for Justin. JAYDE SAID HE'S GONNA ASK ME OUT OH MY GOD I HAVE LITERALLY NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED IN MY LIFE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HARRY. You have to hurry seriously."

"Okay, fine I'll take longer if you tell me again," Harry glares.

God, he isn't in a good mood. It's usual though in the morning. He's a bit of a grouch.

"Good morning to you too sunshine," I giggle.

Harry smiles, pausing just before he walks into the bathroom. "And no boyfriends Tori. Better tell Justin no."


"Knock it off Tori. I'll think about it. Let me at least meet... What's his name?" Harry asks.

"Justin. Justin Bieber. He's the hottest guy in Year 9! And he likes me!! Harry, there's no thinking needed here. Just say yes, or like, just say yes. Please?!" I squeal, jumping up and down.

"Either I meet him, or it's a no."

I sigh heavily, flopping back down onto the bed. I bury my face into a pillow, growling.

"Good god Tori, stop acting like a little kid. It's worked on me before, but it won't ever again. I'm serious Tori. Stop it."

I sit up, uncovering my face and sticking out my bottom lip and making my eyes tear up.

"Tori, not the lip. No, no not the eyes. No stop. No no no no. Knock it off. God, Tori Lynn Styles, knock it off," Harry snaps, his voice firm.

"Harold Edward Styles," I say, my voice in that annoying, mocking tone.

"I mean it. Stop it."

"I mean it. Stop it," I mimic him.

"Victoria Lynn Styles. stop it. Grow up. You keep acting like this, it'll be a definite no for my approval on Justin. Besides, I know what kind of guy he is, so I should make it easy and say no now to keep him from shattering your heart," Harry yells.

I cringe, crawling back into the pillows and bed sheets of Harry's bed. I pull the sheets up to cover me, hiding myself from him.

"Harry, you're scaring me," I whisper, my voice shaky.

"Tori, don't use that pathetic excuse on me. Get up and do your make up or something," he growls.

"Just an FYI, that wasn't an excuse. You seriously scare me when you get mad. So, excuse me for simply stating the fact that I'm scared because you get freakishly scary when you're mad. Since your voice drops like a whole octave. Shall I continue any further on this, or shall I 'go do my make-up or something'?" I snap back, a few tears running down my cheeks.

Harry and I very rarely argue or fight, so it's hard on me when we do. It shouldn't be. Normal siblings fight a lot, usually. It's not for us though. To be honest, we haven't had a fight in 3 years when I tried to tell him that Tiffany- this he was dating at the time- was cheating on him. He was too blinded by what he thought was 'true love' to believe me, even when she seemed to grow more timid around Harry, but me even more. She knew that I had uncovered her dirty little secret, that I would tell Harry.

I had even gotten evidence, photos of her sucking some other guy's face off. Obviously, I showed him and he still said I was lying. But how the heck could I lie about that? I don't even know.

"Tori, don't-" I cut him off with my hand and run out of his room, into my own.

"Tori. Please let me talk to you," Harry begs, his voice soft, sweet, comforting.

"Go away. I don't want to talk to you."

"First of all, you have school. You don't have to talk yet, maybe not until after school."

I groan, grab my bag, pull on my Converse and walk past Harry, going down to Harry's car. I jump down the stairs outside, running to the car door. Harry makes his way down to the car, unlocking it so I get into the back seat.

"Come on Tori. Don't sit back there. I'm gonna be lonely."

This is Harry's way of trying to soften me up so I'm not quite as upset anymore. He does this with me a lot, whenever I've had a bad school day or something.

"Shoulda thought about that earlier. Leave me alone," I mumble, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Okay, seriously. We need to talk. No school today. Let's go. Inside."

I groan again, shoving on the car door until it opens, allowing me to run up the stairs and back into the comfort of our small flat, allowing me sit back down on the sofa, waiting for the stupid lecture I'm sure to get.








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