when you thought you knew

when you thought you knew what you wanted and what you wanted to do but you soon find out that it will all be a regret read and find out what happens to love when you just let it go and think you can get it back anytime you want


1. things couldn't get better

       Everything was normal as it could be. Family was always on its normal routine, final days of 7th grade. summer was in about a week or so. trying to get work in and all stuff gathered for when i head off to south Dakota,to see my father. During the past 3 weeks I've been dating a guy named Dustin. He was tall not the best looking but he made me happy and now i had to get ready to leave to south Dakota for a while. We stood out side before school started the small wind blew my hair into my face. the smell of spring was still flowing around the school yard. standing against the wall with my hands in my pockets shoulder to shoulder with my friends. I wasn't ready to leave for 2 months to south Dakota . My best friend comes up to me with pop tarts in her hand and smiling. "want one there birthday cake" she laughed. she was so pretty short black hair green eyes and skinny.i looked at her and smirked "i was thinking about loosing some pounds for the summer when i get that lime green bikini". Her eyes went down to the ground. "to bad ill be going to Texas and not be able to spend summer with you." . I forgot she was moving. i frowned "we have 2 weeks before we both leave to different states we shall stay with each other for every second before we both go". we made a pack right there. The bell rang and everyone went inside i have 1 class with Dustin and that was in 3rd core so we hugged and he kissed me on the cheek and went to his first class. school went by fairly quickly,i hate that when i want it to slow down it speeds up. Dustin was acting weird at lunch he wouldn't look at me or anything he didn't even sit with me he sat with his friends today. which is weird i usually sit with him. Everyone went out to break. as i was about to walk out through the doors Dustin grabbed  my arm and pulled me to the side. My friend stood off to the side and waited as everyone pasted her and Dustin and i were talking. it was loud in the cafeteria so she couldn't hear a thing he was say. As he spoke i started walking away. he pulled me back and i slapped him. walked away grabbed D'anns hand (my best friend) and walked out. leaving him there with shock that i slapped him. D'ann looked at me and frowned i had tears in my eyes. She stopped and asked me what happened what he said. i wiped away the tears and started to tell her but i stopped. Dustin started walking toward me. She pushed him away and told him to "fuck off". I looked at him in the eyes and showed him that i was really hurt and i ran away to the rest room. my face in the mirror looked upset but not much of a care.

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