when you thought you knew

when you thought you knew what you wanted and what you wanted to do but you soon find out that it will all be a regret read and find out what happens to love when you just let it go and think you can get it back anytime you want


2. stranger

      i don't know how long i was in that bathroom crying over him. But D'ann came in there and pulled me up on my feet and looked at me and asked me what he had said. i wiped my face and smiled"What he said hurt alot and i wasn't excepting it"  i paused and looked at the wall were everyone would sign there name at the end of each day." He told me he was cheating on me with someone and that he was sorry he couldn't take the guilt anymore".  D'ann grabbed a piece of D'ann toilet paper." Oh well hes pretty stupid because he lost a pretty dam gorgeous girl" i giggled and hugged her. i don't see why i was so upset i had to break up with him for the summer anyway cause i knew he would cheat on me over the summer , thats what guys do. The day was over and d'ann and i were walking home. the corner that we split different ways, was two steps away." hey text me when you can alright don't reply to Dustin if he texts you okay". when i got home there was 17 messages from Dustin i deleted them and closed my laptop i laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes i couldn't really think at the moment so random things flew through my head. I couldn't sleep so i sat up and grabbed my computer. my little sister was yelling at my brother for taking her stuff. My mom was cleaning the dishes as my lazy step dad sat on the recliner and watched football. My computer wouldn't turn on (it died). i had to go to my living room and get my charger.the house was a warm with a bit of bleach smell my mom uses alot of bleach. Going back to my room was always a challenge cause my brother would mess with me till i scream. i had a message from some guy i met in 5th grade. He said "hi". how weird hadn't heard from him sense 5th grade he acted as if we were best friends, we talked for a couple hours about how the past few years had been. i didn't bring up Dustin or even think about him once. 

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