when you thought you knew

when you thought you knew what you wanted and what you wanted to do but you soon find out that it will all be a regret read and find out what happens to love when you just let it go and think you can get it back anytime you want


3. long summer nights

     End of the day finally school is out . walking home with d'ann made me a little upset knowing  this will be our last 1 or so together before she leave to Texas for 5 years. we broke our ways to get things done .I got home and clean up my house , left to d'anns house. She was sitting on her bed with her iPod laughing at pewdiepie. Making plans for this last week was fun but upsetting. Both of us bought same bikinis and started tanning right away. Laughing to things we had to deal with the past year. "people are stupid" we both laughed. The sun slowly went down as the temperature stayed the same. We had plans to go to the river,but we decided not to for a while.we hung out with our friend manuel for about 12 hours we didnt sleep much at all but we were never tired so it was okay. The carnival came and d'ann wasn't acting right i know shes about to be leaving in 5 days but why she acting so weird. "hey you okay ?" i whispered as we layed on our towels. " yeah......yeah im fine" she looked away. i cant help but think shes keeping something from me. i hope this will not last till we go to the carnival tomorrow morning.

         Early in the morning she was up before me paseing back and forth across her room. She never has acted this way. i spoke sleeply" what are you doing". she looked at me and sat on the bed. she looked at the wall and then down to the floor. "im sorry". she sighed i sat up. " what do you mean your sorry for what!". i didn't know what she could have done that she would be acting this way. "im the worst friend you could ever have." i got off the bed and stepped toward the door. she couldnt she didnt. how could she do this to me. 

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