Sweet Catastrophy

I am bad at these so please forgive me. Okay this story is out a future society and the whole world is controlled by teens so please enjoy. The title is from a song if you recognize it well lets be friends.


7. Chapter 5

It has been 6 months since I signed the treaty, six god forsaken months with this bastard. I am ready to slit his throat and bring war, I cannot take his egotistical attitude anymore! He lives in the same house I do, in the office right across the damn hall, and everyday goes to the only bar in the headquarters, and always, always seems to know right where to press to just set me off. I haven't gotten this many hangovers since when Luke left, three a week sometimes, because I can't handle this idiot and drinking is the only way I know how to make his words go away; reminding me of Luke and why he died. All he repeats is the same damn rumors I tried to keep silent, but they never stop not with Seth around. And tonight was one of those nights where the bar, would not be safe it was the 5th anniversary of The Uprising I decided to skip the festivities and hit the training room. 

The Barracks were empty not a soul to been heard or seen. Everyone was partying and having fun while I was running away like a coward from the king of the douche bags. I reach the end of the dimly lit hallway and push open the double doors. They open up to a massive underground training room. I place my hand on the personal identification pad, the room changes to a open padded room, removing all of the equipment. The lights get brighter and four large black orbs drop from the ceiling, walking to the center of the group of four orbs I sit cross legged. I focus my power onto the orbs imagining ropes flying out and lifting me into the air at par with the levitating orbs. I feel my body slowly lift, the energy passing through me to one of the orbs to me and the speeds up to keep moving through the group of 4. I open my eyes and focus on the orbs, I continue this until my energy fails me and I collapse onto the ground in a muddled heap of limbs, the orbs retract into the ceiling as I roll onto my back. Breathing ragged, pathetically I sit up slowly only to collapse back onto my back. I let my eyes close as the lights dim a little, reacting to my movement and heart rate. After five minutes of huddling on the floor, I drag myself up my hair matted around in the back, and my fringe falling into my eyes. I flip my hair and blow some wind through my hair and let it settle now unmatted. I turn of the personal identification pad and everything returns to how is was before I walked in. Just an average gym setting, and I walk out the doors to see three privates drunkenly clinging to each other for dear life. 

I walk past not really bothering with the drunken noise they are announcing to the barren barracks. They begin to cat call before they realize it is me then awkwardly slink down to a little puddle of fear of what I would do. I turn around and just look at the tree of them, eyes glued to the flood when I recognize one, Spencer. Spencer is one of Roses little boy toys though this one was different, they were on and off again. They kept hooking up then claiming there was nothing, he was obviously in love with her though she was being more of a player with him. I didn't really pity the guy but he needed to tell Rose how he felt. 

"Spencer, take you and your two friends back the barracks, you have to be ready for tomorrow's night watch. If I see you this drunk again I will put you on the Recruitment Squad with the worst hangovers of your life. Do I make myself clear?" I say holding myself high as he salutes and then walks his two friends shakily back the barracks to sleep off whatever he has finished drinking. 

I keep walking down the hall, finally passing the first window in a 10 block radius. Rubbing my thumb on the window mindlessly feel to glass threaded with steel molecules in order to protect the souls that lay behind it from the dangerous rays outside. I see the red sun rising, night is beginning. The red sun is like the pre scorch moon I guess, it comes up in the half of the day we become the most lethargic, or from the pre scorch time any time after 8pm. Then the white sun rises again and so begins a new "day" or cycle as most call it. The earth outside the window is blood red, animals are climbing out of the river ravine and calling out to others of their malicious kind. Hawk Wolves run then flap their large light brown wings, a full grown wolf can have a wing span of 10 feet easily 15 feet for the largest of the breed, packs soaring around analyzing for any food source they could find before the white sun appears. This is no longer a world that the pre scorch people would recognize. It is filled with violence and terror that will make some take their lives and others fight harder. The creatures here and lack of resources alone are enough to send many to their deaths pre maturely, but once you add in the wars and battles we loose more lives than we would like to admit. It's impossible to make it to the age I am and not have a drop of blood on your hands. 

Tearing my eyes from the landscape I shove my hands in my pockets and walk down the empty hallway. I maybe pass five people on my way to the house. When I get there no one is home but Lucy. She is passed out on the couch waiting for all of us to return from the party down in the bar. I grab a bottle of bourbon and walk to my room as quietly as possible. I close my door and fall onto my fluffy bed. I crack open the bottle and take swig the burning liquid running down my throat helping to clear my mind. I turn on some music and just zone out while staring at the wall across from my bed. After what seems like an eternity of stewing in my own thoughts I drunkenly rise from my bed. Only to feel my legs give out, my head begins spinning as I try to get up from my crippled mess on the floor, my legs are numb and my head feels fuzzy and spinning. This depression is slowly consuming me, I can hardly breathe, I look down to see the bourbon trickling our like a small fountain onto the carpet. the lip of the bottle has chipped and a fractured piece of glass sticks out of my palm. I release the bottle, pain dully shooting through my hand as blood drips quickly out of the injury. I reach shakily for the shard and slide it out of my hand opening up the gash.

"Cynth... oh my god!" I didn't realize my door opened, I see a blur of a person before I pass out.

I don't remember much of that night, it's all a blur. I remember vomiting at least seven times, though around the fourth it was more dry heating and gagging. I couldn't stabilize my aura, it kept shaking and making me feel worse than I already did. I remember waking up to see Jeany and Rose panicked expressions then falling into a deep dark empty sleep. 

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