Sweet Catastrophy

I am bad at these so please forgive me. Okay this story is out a future society and the whole world is controlled by teens so please enjoy. The title is from a song if you recognize it well lets be friends.


5. Chapter 4

The next day, we arrive at the Flame's camp. The guards hardly gave us a second look as we entered the protection barrier. The camp contained about sixty people, which is fairly large, considering how many people were lost.

Many gave us detesting looks, which makes sense, considering that we tend to challenge The Flame's authority. Jeany, Rose, and I all wore the emblem of The Uprising: a phoenix carrying the world in its talons. Only I was allowed to meet with The Flame's leader in a group, which concerned Jeany and Rose, although I felt that it was still necessary to come.

One of the ridiculing formalities of these meetings is that if you are a visiting leader, the other leader chooses a outfit for the meeting. This one was a tiny, rose pink dress with a black belt, covered in ruffles. The leader knows I won't even touch a dress unless I was forced to. The outfit is accented with a crown with The Flame's emblem on it, to mock me of course.

I want to gag.

Why the hell do I have to even wear this horrible, abominable dress?? I swear this man is trying to piss me off. 

So I will feel at least half decent, I add some tights and my reliable combat boots. 

I leave our tent two minutes after the meeting was supposed to start. It's punishment for making me wear this dress.

That asshole is going to regret making me wear this thing. The guards escort me to their leader's tent in the center of camp. They were shocked that I actually bothered to put it on. As I walk past, one of them snickers, and roll my eyes.

As I pass some guards comparing swords and strength, I'm really tempted to shout 'stop over compensating!' but I keep my trap shut. Others are sparring and practicing their abilities, to prepare for any war that might be starting soon. For all they know, one could start because of this dress.

As we enter the tent, I see a long, ten foot table with Seth sitting at the head of it. He has a massive smirk playing across his lips, and his muscular arms are crossed over his chiseled chest. He has the cliché look I've seen on every one of the male leaders: strong and cocky.

It kind of sickens me, and I consider kicking his ass right then and there, forgetting about the damn treaty. Knowing Seth, he deserves it.

"Cynthia, you look so nice in the dress I picked out for you. Last time didn't you complain to the heavens themselves?" he says as he stands up, flicking his reddish brown hair out of his cruel, heartless grey eyes to meet my own.

He walks up to me, and stands nearly a foot over me, as if he could overpower me in a second. 

"You can leave," he mutters to the two guards.

I wish I could grab their arms and plead them not to leave me with this demon of a man.

He leads me to the opposite side of the table, and pulls out my chair, beckoning me to sit. Cautiously, I sit down, and as I do a man walks out from the left and approaches me. He asks me what I want to drink, and I ask for a glass of red wine quietly.

Seth takes his seat on the opposite side of the table as me, a large smirk still stamped on his face. I reach into the bust of my dress and pull out a flask, then unscrew the top to take a quick sip of my rum. This is why I hate dresses, no pockets. Seth eyes me silently as I adjust the cold flask back in the bust of the pink dress. 

"Drinking when already receiving a drink? Now that is just careless Cynthia, even for you." He makes eye contact with me. I feel my eyes harden.

I give him my 'why the fuck should you even care' look. "I have to keep myself from strangling somebody somehow when I'm talking with you," I say sarcastically, flashing him a smirk. 

"That is so like you. Faking the fact that you could tear me apart, with a simple innocent smile. Please don't spare me your feelings of hatred Cynthia." 

"Seth, I assume you are aware of the issue I have come to discuss with you."

"Oh, yes the treaty. Now what will I get out of a simple piece of paper? When I can just kill you now and take your land", He challenges, giving me a dark look. We lock eyes and share looks of hate and the lust to murder one another. 

"You share our land, resources, and laws. You get a house in the Leader Housing. You are recognized with me as a co-leader. Of course, in this placement of standing, you get to keep your second and third in command. We take over land and keep peace among already owned land as...partners..." I am hardly able to say that last word. 

"Partners, eh? How nostalgic; I used to have a partner until I slaughtered him. Why would I want to share resources when I can steal them?" Seth remains calm with a smug look on his face. 

"Seth you know neither of us wish to make this god damn treaty. So please just make this simple and agree to it." Thankfully, I have not started mentally panicking yet, and retain a calm exterior. 

"Cynthia, I don't wish to be in a treaty with such a weak group as yours. Knowing that I have to share power with you absolutely sickens me down to my core."

The room fills with a stiff silence. 

I frantically activate my radio to tell Jeany the plan failed. It explodes in my hand, I feel my flesh tear open from the bits of metal now jammed in my hand. I shoot a glance at Seth who now isn't in his seat. I feel his presence flicker behind me, and I try to jump out of my chair before he can fully materialize, but it is to late. His hands grasp my wrists and  pins me to the chair. I feel thin strings wind around my wrists, the injured one flaring in pain. My vision starts to go blurry, and I try to keep calm. 

"Seth release me now!" I almost shout. 

"Oh Cynthia, you really are so naïve. Your friends are already dead, with out them you can't even activate your power. It's no use trying to contact them anymore. You know Cynthia, I think I like the idea of a treaty...well without you in it. Good bye darling."

He puts a knife to my heart. I feel a surge of anger, my whole body feels like it is on fire. 

That bastard Seth has to fucking pay with his life. Jeany, Rose please be okay, and I am sorry.

I expand my ability, the whole tent quivers with the urgency of the surge. Seth slowly backs away from me his eyes glinting in the face of a new danger. 

"Seth, do you realize who you are toying with?" I ask darkly, grabbing his wrist a shattering the bone. He bites down to prevent a scream in agony as I apply pressure on the shattered pieces. 

"So you can control your ability without the other two? My suspicions were correct," he mutters, his voice shaking in pain.

He kneels down to show I have won, and I sit in utter confusion, holding his now deformed purple wrist. 

"What are you doing?" I ask, my eyes un-focusing and focusing on his reddish brown hair.

The tension in the room could slaughter both of our groups, if silence could kill. 

"I was testing your ability Cynthia; seeing if you could use it with my own. You have passed, now if you can please let go of my wrist... It really hurts!" he near about screams. He whimpers when I do finally let go of it.

He cradles his hand to his chest as paramedics walk in. Someone with a healing ability runs up and heals the wound. The wrist contorts and morphs into its original shape, veins popping in and out of site, and the bones moving under the skin like bugs. Truly disgusting, but it's a healing ability, not a "poof now you are better" ability. 

I cross my legs as he stands up, still cradling his wrist. I don't bother to listen as he mutters complaints, but instead stand up and leave, sick of breathing same air as the bastard.

I will not enjoy this treaty one bit. 


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