Sweet Catastrophy

I am bad at these so please forgive me. Okay this story is out a future society and the whole world is controlled by teens so please enjoy. The title is from a song if you recognize it well lets be friends.


4. Chapter 3

When we make it back to the house, we find Lucy and Amy standing triumphantly in the kitchen over five plates of food; where they got it all from, god knows. 

"Hey, the three amigos are back! Amy and I made dinner for you... Well mainly for Cynth, but you two can eat some... I guess." Lucy says.

God is she blunt. I swear, that girl has no verbal filter.

Jeany and I, now about half sober, exchange looks. Then Rose notices the bottle of red wine on the table. Immediately she lunges for it, but Lucy snatches it and holds it over Rose's head. Being taller than pretty much everyone, she keeps the bottle away from the now desperate, jumping-up-and-down Rose while giving her a lecture on how alcohol is bad for her, blah, blah, blah. 

"Rose you cannot be hung over tomorrow! No more alcohol tonight! For anyone!" Lucy says, putting the bottle in the highest cupboard she can find.

Okay coming from a five foot tall girl that is just unfair on anyone's standards. 

Rose keeps whining and complaining before Amy finally calms us all down so we can eat. Soon Spencer and Jack join us, and eventually Mary sits down. Lucy placed her weapons belt on the counter, and makes us all do the same.

We talk and laugh throughout the two hours, despite the fact that we got no alcohol during the meal, which is almost unheard of in this house.

For once I agree with Lucy's alcohol policy; Rose and Jeany can't risk being hungover tomorrow.  

I tune back to reality, and grab my water to take a sip. Suddenly, Jeany tilts back my glass causing the water to pour all over my chest. All conversations halt, and everyone's face goes pale, waiting to see how I'll react. I give Jeany my sideways glare, and her laughter immediately ceases. 

"So Jeany, have you picked pathway number two? I can now guarantee that your trip tomorrow will become your own personal living hell," I say.

I turn back to my meal, leaving her speechless and terrified. Everyone bursts out laughing; except Jack, who tries to comfort his girlfriend (while stifling a giggle).

After the meal, I clear my dish and walk to my room, turning my pocket player on. I change into a simple black tank and red pajama shorts. When I finish changing, Jack and Jeany walk in hip to hip. I roll my eyes, already knowing where this going.

Oh joy, the lovely couple. How do you stay together in this mess for four years? No point in ending it now, not that they would need to.

"Hey Cynth? I will be with Jack tonight so just come get me from there in the morning," Jeany asks casually. 

"Ummmmmm... sure, just no PTA in the morning? Right?" I say, my face turning bright red.

"No guarantees," Jeany says. My jaw drops as the door shuts. I look in the mirror; just as I expected, my face is red.

Why the hell do I always get like this? It's not like I haven't done anything in my life. Then again, it was two years ago with... Luke.

My heart drops again for the second time today. Why can't I stop thinking about him?

I climb into bed, and pull the covers over my head, trying to escape from the outside world. The lights automatically turn off, thank god. I shut my eyes, and let the sleep overwhelm me. 

-Next Morning-

"Jeany come on we're leaving!" I shout through Jack's door. Rose winces. Obviously she didn't go by the 'no alcohol' policy that Lucy set. I should've known; she always has a spare bottle in her boot.

I hear shuffling and the click of a belt buckle before the door slides open to reveal a sleepy Jeany and Jack. 

"Rose, did you drink more last night?" I ask, almost loosing my temper at her absurdities.

I thought I told her not to drink for at least one night, but it isn't like she ever actually listens to me. Then again, when it comes to drinking, Rose never listens to anyone. 

She nods. I flash a light in her eyes, then falls to the floor, curling up in a ball and covering her face. Jeany laughs, then kisses Jack goodbye. 

I notice her new outfit, and the bag that probably once held it. She looks like she just had a one night stand, and a good one at that.

When the two break apart, I turn Jeany towards me, and brush down her matted hair, then fix her crop top. When she looks good enough to go outside, I stop looking at her like I'm her mother. 

God, why is it that every time we leave she has to stay up late doing this? She's barely presentable. Jeany, you owe me one. 

As we make our way towards the  door, I can't help but notice how quiet it is. Obviously everyone is still asleep, and all we have is some meat from last night and a bit of bread for the trip.

I pull on my red and white cloak hood over my head. Jeany and Rose do the same, yawning. By anyone's standards, four in the morning is way too early to even be awake.

When we walk outside, the bright red sun is out and the blue sun is peaking out from behind it. A hot wind attempts to turn us to the cliffs that lead to the only water source in all of our territory. It took a total of five hundred deaths to claim it for ourselves.

I begin to activate Gods Hand while Jeany and Rose activate their own powers to help my activation. I create a force field to protect us from the heat, it being a hundred and thirty five degrees already. Even during the coldest hours it only gets down to ninety eight here. 

During our day in the open, we see some Hawk Wolf packs and a couple Demon Lion clans, but other than that nothing. I hate Demon Lions, with their red eyes and black fur. They are about as large as the extinct elephants that died out in 2745. They are silent and like to attack humans, but they were just preying on some Blood Deer. I once had to face one alone, and now I shudder at the thought of them

These animal are out for prey. They haven't noticed us, so I would prefer to get out of the Old London before nightfall. 

After hours upon hours of walking, we end up stopping for the night in an abandoned cave. The cave was around thirty degrees colder than the outside, I let down the barrier, knowing that the radiation wont affect us as bad here. Luckily humans have been dealing with radiation elevation for over three hundred years, so we could evolve so that our dosage can be up to ten servings not just two.

We split a loaf of bread between the three of us. This is rare, and very nice to have, considering  that the past three years we had little to no wheat while our researchers frantically looked for a way to grow it away from the radiation. The indoor wheat crops were now doing quite well for the past two months. 

"Hey Cynth?" Rose asks quietly. 

"Yeah what is it?" I look up at her as she tears at the bread. 

"What was it like with Luke? Well I mean when he was alive?" She looks down at the ground shamefully. 

Why is she asking this? I mean, it was nice but then that happened and it all changed.

" Well depends on what you want to know about." I mumble taking my bread and rolling it between my thumb and pointer finger mindlessly.

"Just how was it, was it nice, I mean you always used to talk about him then one day you just stopped. And then Jeany told me last night you said he died. Is that really true? I mean, you did kind of disappear for about half a year. What happened?" Rose gives me the look.      

The look of innocent question. The look of sadness and wonder, child like curiosity, so kind, yet has a hidden blackness. I breath deeply, shutting my eyes, then reopening them slowly as it escapes my lungs. 

"It was nice, he was always kind and understanding. He was my second in command and I trusted him with everything. I after three years, I fell in love with him, and we got engaged.

Suddenly things changed, he began to manipulate my power. He said it was for The Uprising, but he became harsh and without me realizing it. I was being used and was almost thrown aside. One day...on...one day he just turned up missing, three weeks later dead. I was shocked, since I loved him despite what he did I left the office for the ten months.

Jeany now my second and me broken. I wanted to die simply disappear, he was my everything and now he was dead. It was hard, but I packed up his things and slowly moved on. I still love him to an extent, needless to say miss him. Then you Rose became my third, you helped me realize I could get over his death. Even if it was only until it was spoken about again." I let old feelings wash over me.

I am sorry Rose, but I just can't tell you the truth yet. Not until I know myself where he is, and I know for certain he is gone.

Memories of our fight wash over me. I still feel the gut wrenching pain of him leaving me. He never really died during the ten months I hid away. He left The Uprising, and I forced myself to believe he was dead gone. I have no idea where he is now, but I will never forgive him for what he did, not in my lifetime. 

What he did to us, she was just a child. She didn't deserve what happened to her, I will never forgive him for what he took; my poor little girl... my daughter.

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