Sweet Catastrophy

I am bad at these so please forgive me. Okay this story is out a future society and the whole world is controlled by teens so please enjoy. The title is from a song if you recognize it well lets be friends.


3. Chapter 2

As we enter my room, my eyes fall onto the familiar site of my French, thirteenth century, replica bed. It has a black comforter, embroidered purple roses, and four black pillows with one small purple one that matches the curtains. I had to pull some strings to get this beautiful set, but everyone abuses their power every once in a while. 

Well there was that one time when I thought my power was locked away with my emotions after their deaths. That's what I said after the fire.

I walk over to my purple closet doors and pull out some clothes. I throw them carelessly onto my bed as Jeany walks in, playing some music on my pocket player. I just roll my eyes as she dances drunkenly around my room.

"Cynth, hey when are we leaving? I am bored!" Jeany complains.

I get so annoyed when she gets drunk. Her stupid drunk habits annoy me so much.

I try to ignore her as I grab my black back pack and shove all of my clothes into it. It's old technology, but in this state of society, very valuable. 

"Cynth!" Jeany slurs.

"We are leaving soon, so just shut up for a few minutes," I snap.

She looks at me, as if debating whether or not to punch me in the face. Deciding that it's better not to tempt fate, she sits down quietly humming along to the song playing.

I shove my toiletries into my bag and start trying to calm myself down. I grab my pocket player, and tune it to her brain waves so she can enjoy the music to herself. She slowly turns if off so we can still talk.

"After the meeting do you want to go catch a few more drinks? Maybe we can invite... Luke. Yeah, you haven't talked with him in a while."

I stop dead in my tracks as the unpleasant memories flood back as I slowly place a water bottle into my bag. Why the fuck did she have to bring him up? Of all things?

"Jeany, Luke is dead. Remember the funeral? He died two years ago during that attack from the Old Flame."

I look her dead in the eye. Her laughter stops, and she shamefully stares at the ground and mumbles a 'sorry'.

Without another word, she gets up and walks out of my room. I sink into the purple fabric of my chair. 

"I really should have moved on from you by now, huh Luke?" I think aloud.

I put my elbows on my knees, and rest my head in my palms. For the first time in a long time, start to break again.

-Ten minutes later- 

I stand up, and wipe my tears away. I have to look strong and confident for the council.

"Cynthia, have you decided who will take your place as leader while you're away? Do remember that you are only allowed to choose from the council of The Uprising," Tenet reminds me. She's been leader of the  council ever since Luke died. It was his dying wish. I hated the idea, but it was not my decision to make, given the circumstances. 

"I do, and I choose Jack as my step-in leader of The Uprising." I shout. The council members begin to murmur, but are silenced when Tennet stands to address me again.

"We accept your choice. Until you return from your treaty meeting with the New Flame, Jack will be leader."

Tennet sits down, and I walk out of The Council room. 

When I emerge into the hallway, I find Jack leaning against the wall waiting for me. 

"Thanks Cynth. I hope the meeting goes as planned, unlike the last time," he snickers.

The last leader of The Flame was executed when he tried to torture me into giving him our lands. Three weeks of sheer pain was definitely paid off. Now the new leader of what is now known as the New Flame has suggested a treaty. 

"Well this time I will have your girlfriend and Rose with me, so I should be fine. If I were you, I would be worried about all the paperwork you're going to get. Just don't mess it up. Good luck."

Jack sighs and walks off, running his hand over his short, spiked brown hair. His stupid red and gold robe hides everything but the top of his head. 

As I walk off in the other direction, I notice Mary wave her hand at me, a massive smile on her face. Some how she is always happy, despite all the tragedies that have basically moved in with us.

The Old Flame demolished her village, and we found her and Tennet together, hiding in an old broken house. She walks up to me, and takes her long brown hair out of a pony tail, letting it fall to her hips. She looks down at me (being taller... along with everyone else), her big brown eyes glinting with joy. She is obviously extremely happy about something. 

"Hey Mary." I say as she turns around and falls into place next me. 

"You will not believe the paper work I had to do today in Human Affairs. But I did help four kids get a new home after their parents were killed!"

So that's what she's so happy about. I roll my eyes, but this is why I placed her in Human Affairs. She loves helping people.

We walk into the Human Affairs room, and Mary nearly runs into Alistar.

Alistar one of my most trusted and loyal soldiers. I can tell he's in love with Mary, but he's too scared to admit it. They immediately begin a conversation, basically forgetting that I exist. I decide to give them some privacy. 

As I walk down the hallway once ageing, I see Jeany and Rose stumbling around and giggling their asses off. 

"What is your two's god damn issue?!" I shout at the two idiots.

"Oh Rose, she-she doesn't know. We should tell her," Jeany slurs, putting an arm around Rose. 

"Yeah! Cynth, this is when you-you turn into a proper idiot. I mean, you act so serious. It sucks! You should loosen up, ya know?" Rose says, falling to the ground in a laughing fit. 

This is ridiculous. I roll my eyes and fold my arms in front of my chest.

"Well then how the fuck should I act? Like a fucking monkey?" I joke, laughing at myself like an idiot.

Thank god no one else can see me here I am about to loose it. These two are insane. Somehow I can never manage to be mad at them for longer than two seconds. 

"God, you should that would be hilarious. You should just walk into that room and start acting like a monkey next time." Rose slurs, imitating the monkey as she sits cross-legged on the floor.

She then falls onto the floor in a laughing mess once again, Jeany following soon after.

I help them up, and practically carry them back to the house. They both collapse onto their beds, limbs hanging over the edges and mouths gaping.

What am I going to do with these idiots?

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