Sweet Catastrophy

I am bad at these so please forgive me. Okay this story is out a future society and the whole world is controlled by teens so please enjoy. The title is from a song if you recognize it well lets be friends.


2. Chapter 1

"Cynthia! We've gained a new territory and their leader is here to speak with you!" Jeany shouts through my door.

"Let them in!" I shout back. The heat had been sweltering today, even in the tunnels. 

I take a sip from my glass of water, letting its coolness engulf my dry mouth. I notice the former leader of the territory we have just conquered enters my office. Not much to my surprise, is a male.Despite the Sun group being strong, we still got the land easily enough with shockingly few deaths.

"So you're Sweet Catastrophe's leader, and you're a female?" He asks.

He is wearing a simple black tank and jeans with combat boots, but is covered in dust from head to toe.

"Yes I am, is it really that shocking?" I retort to his crude comment as I move a strand of hair out of my eyes. 

"Well yes, considering you are Sweet Catastrophes Leader; your group is at par with The Flame, and controls over 30% of the livable land, it really is an accomplishment. Well, for a female" He notes, being a complete asshole about the female part. 

"So I take it you want to speak with me about your rights as one of The Uprising's new territories?" I say, changing the subject. 

"Yes I was, could you please inform me of these new rights?"

"As a territory, all new and old laws of your land must be verified by The Council. If they go against our laws then they will be thrown out. All prisoners must be transported  to The Uprising's Prison.  All of your people must be counted and informed of each of the new laws. The Uprising gets 20-30% of all of your resources, depending on the amounts you have of each of the required resources. Since you did revolt I take it you have a small fighting force, so we require 30 of your best fighters for our army. You are required to spread the news of the new set of laws and make sure everyone in your land is informed and aware of them. Do I make myself clear?" I finish my speech with a monotone voice and handing the boy the laws on steel paper. His fists are clenched, although I can tell he knows better than to raise them at me on my home territory. 

"Yes ma'am, perfectly clear." He says, his voice filled with anger and his face flushed.

"You should consider yourself lucky, if we were The Flame we would take all of your rights, people, and resources" I say mocking the asshole tone he used with me 

"I know ma'am thank you for your time." He walks out of the door, his shoulders hunched forwards.

As he walks out of view, Jeany steps in my office with a bottle of a golden liquid rum. I motion for her to sit down and let out a sigh as she pulls up an old chair to the desk. As I sat there with Jeany, The Flame was trying to force its way onto our boarders to take it over. But hopefully it will all come to an end when the treaty is made with them, if it's at all possible.

"Calm down, it will all work out in the end; trust me Cynthia, it always does. Besides, if it doesn't you can always fall back on your ability." Jeany set down two shot glasses and began to uncork the bottle of our poison.

She is my second in command. She has blonde hair with strawberry blonde highlights. her eyes are eclipse-like blue with gold around the pupils glittering like stars. She had her leather jacket, dark pink tank, black short shorts, black torn tights, all matching to a pair of black combat boots. She calms me down and lets me act like myself; a carefree seventeen year old. She even sits and listens to my marathon rants on random shit to let me calm down. She is kind but can be brutal when the time comes.

"I know but I just don't want to fail and get all of the things we have worked for destroyed. I mean, we give these people security and hope that the world we be restored one day, but that will be lost if The Flame takes us over." I say, rubbing my temples. Jeany had already taken two shots and I hadn't even touched my first. Out of sheer frustration I grabbed the shot glass and drink the liquid in one gulp, then slam it down on the desk. Jeany looked at me with a expression of victory. 

"Look, if you stop doubting yourself then you won't fail. I know you way too well. You are strong and you won't do something stupid. Just trust yourself."  She giggled a bit. "God damn that was so cheesy."  

Suddenly, Rose burst into the room.

"So Jeany, this is where you ran off to. God, and your drinking without me too! Since when do we not get drunk together! This is blasphemy, gimme that!" she shouts, taking the bottle of rum and throwing it back taking a giant swig that only Rose could manage. 

Her dark brown hair has red undertones and hangs down to her waist when she lets it down, like she is now. Her outfit consists of a light blue shirt paired with white shorts and brown combat boots and a dark blue knit beanie. Although she comes across as a good girl, she tends to drink a lot. I started The Uprising with these two, and we are best friends. But I have some amazing friends that I met later on that make up The Council of  The Uprising, or at least part of it. Lucy, Mary, Amy, Jack, Jacqueline, and Madison; all make up some of The Council. Jack and Jeany are together as far as I know, Jack being the top general lives in the main house with all of the heads and the leaders of the council. Rose has an interesting relationship with one of our top fighters Spencer. They don't get together for whatever reason, but I heard recently they got into a fight and stopped talking for a while. 

All of the Tops in The Uprising have certain abilities, which is common among the groups. The Hell Hounds leader had the ability of dreams; he hacked into my dreams for two days until he lost the fight and left his land to us, but kept his laws and group. The Romans leader had the ability of Bone and could manipulate his bones into weapons, we have yet to fight, since his group mainly works above ground, not in the tunnels. As for me, I have the ability called God's Hand. I control all other abilities, but despite its name, it is fairly weak, because it requires the two abilities to be activated before it can be. The two abilities are Hell's Hand and Angels Wings, their ability holders are Jeany and Rose; Jeany with Angels Wings and Rose with Hell's Hand but considering their personalities their abilities are ironic. I don't particularly like my ability, despite Jeany and Rose insists that it is amazing, but I myself have some doubts. 

"Cynthia don't worry about it, I mean last time you met with the fucker you got out fine. Besides, this time you will have me and Jeany with you so you won't get put in jail. And why is the room spinning?" Rose slurs as she grabs onto Jeany for support, although Jeany just gives her an annoyed sideways glance.

"Rose that isn't the point, who knows what he wants this time, I mean all the man wants to do is destroy The Uprising." I mention halfheartedly  as I stand up glancing at the clock across the room. My office is fairly simple; desk, holographic computer, wine closet for drinks, steel paper, laser pens, and a mirror to my right. 

I turn to my mirror and look at my black hair, carefully twirling a strand of my hip-length hair. I release the strand and watch it go back into its ringlet that makes up one of the hundreds of curls in my hair. I am wearing a black crop top with fishnet on the belly, black shorts, torn black tights, black combat boots, and a black choker with a red ruby in the center along with a matching ring-bracelet. My hair has no part in what they called "Emo" style back in the 21st century. My earrings are red rubies to match my bracelet and necklace. My favorite colors are red, black, and dark blue. 

"Cynthia, you heading to The Council room or home?" Jeany asks as a drunken Rose hangs off of her shoulder. 

"Home, I have to start packing since we are leaving in the morning. Then I am off to The Council so I can tell them I place Jack in charge while I am away." I note as I grab my pocket player and walk out of the office with my second and third in command behind me. Well more like a tipsy Rose and a complaining Jean, although it's only about how Rose is getting drunk too often.

As we leave the teleporter to enter the house, I see Lucy glaring at us. Shit, I forgot to tell her I would be home late.

"Cynthia you're late, and Rose did you drink again?!" Lucy begins to shout as she takes Rose off of Jeany's shoulders.

"Yeah, what about it? Besides it was only a few shots of Rum, even though she should know better. Why should it be our job to babysit her?" Jeany says, being carefree as always when she has had a couple shots herself.

"When will you give that stuff up? You know it 's bad for you! Cynthia, you need to keep them away from that horrible substance. It should be your job as leader!" Lucy complains. I just shrug it off and motion Jeany to follow as we walk to my room to pack. 

"We'll stop when we're dead! Look Lucy the reason I placed you on The Council is because when you get stressed you just flip out and cover it up. Rose, Jeany and I, we drink to release it." I say, not in the mood for a fight with her.

As we walk (more like stumble) down the hall, Jeany begins to hum You Only Live Once by Suicide Silence, our favorite band from the 21st century.  

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