The ghost of Brooklyn bridge

I've never been normal.When i was 5 i saw my first ghost. It was the ghost telling me that my brother would die if i didn't help.I did of course but it was touch and go for a while.I have been seeing ghosts ever since, in maths tests telling me answers to tests or in P.E we would have a supply teacher that we would mess about. But when a ghost come down from the evil side of beyond the veil my life falls apart. And he's the one that delivered my death warrant, and the one that will deliver it! Then because I'm a neon goth he makes people take the mick out of me for it.



"Um, Ivy what are you doing?"Savanna asked 

"Oh um practising my lines for drama," I offered up weakly. I was actually talking to a ghost called Athena the one and only ghost that I liked she would come and talk to me about anything whether it's boys or fashion. Athena's nice like that you see. And with that Savanna let it slide.


"Oi boggy brain whatcha looking at?" That was Sean the forms jock.

"Um you." I told him as Sav dragged me off as it was likely I would attack him. I suddenly felt myself being taken out of this world it happens sometimes when a ghost wants to speak with me in its own world and not mine.

"Bugger!"I exclaimed out loud.  Suddenly I was in a white wash world with not particular furniture other that a sturdy muscled up ghost that was pounding his fist and looking directly at me. I then recognised him he was the first ghost I ever saw the one that said my death warrant and I got the feeling that it was now the time to four fill that prophecy. He apprehend me and summoned up a mallet and hit around the head with it. 

Death is peaceful life is harder.

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