The ghost of Brooklyn bridge

I've never been normal.When i was 5 i saw my first ghost. It was the ghost telling me that my brother would die if i didn't help.I did of course but it was touch and go for a while.I have been seeing ghosts ever since, in maths tests telling me answers to tests or in P.E we would have a supply teacher that we would mess about. But when a ghost come down from the evil side of beyond the veil my life falls apart. And he's the one that delivered my death warrant, and the one that will deliver it! Then because I'm a neon goth he makes people take the mick out of me for it.



"God I hate the spectors that come and visit me." I thought to myself as I chatted to Savanna, my best friend, about how I think I did in the maths test. I got full marks of course because of the ghosts that tell me all of the answers.

"It's not fair, you get looks and brains and all I get if boobs the size of Manhattan." Sav complained. If only you knew what the price is with my intelligence! 

"Well I have offered to tutor you but you were to busy planning what to wear on are school trip to Brooklyn bridge" I pointed out.

"Yeah well that trip was important." she defended. That was the trip were I saw my first ghost that delivered my death day prophecy. The prophecy said:

'Where it all begins it will end,

death will part your soul,

you will come back as the biggest thing you fear,

you will lose someone that is close to you.'

Well half of that prophecy has come true, the bit where it says I will lose someone close meant that I would close to me, my other best friend Lila to suicide. I can figure out the rest of the prophecy though.The first bit means that I will die by getting killed by the person (or ghost) that delivered this speech, the second bit is pretty self explanatory. The third bit means that I will come back as a ghost. I realised that people were staring at me, more that usual that is.cYou see I am a neon goth, I wear neon and neon only so I am used to the stares but they were not this bad. I then realised that I had collapsed and was lying on the floor.

"Come on Ivy let's get to class" Savanna said already dragging me to the door, that's another thing about Savanna she is OCD about time if we're not five minutes early, we're late. Of we are on time for class we are late so we are usual the first ons in class. Not that I mind. It means that I can be a recluse at the back of the classroom for a while. 




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