The Night Britney Screamed and Shout

Help Help!! (Britney scream) it was a relaxing get away for Britney Spears but then one night something tragic happen..


3. The Next Day

As Britney woke up at 4:00 am in the morning to catch her plane she felt someone watching her from behind her..(she turned,no one was there)

Wtf?? I swear I felt someone following me I just know it. Oh we'll it's all bullshit now ! Goodbye LA Hello Brazil!!!

(Britney enters plane and sits in her seat,she puts on ear phones and listens to music)

*Im slave for you!*(she sanged in her seat) then all of a sudden she feels it again..she feels someone stalking her. She looks a round and doesn't see no one looking at her.(walks to bathroom)*starts to sing in there*sees shadow of feet at door*(removes earphones and starts asking questions)

Hello!? Who's there!? Who are you?! Can't you see someone's there!! Can your Bitch ass leave already you Pussy!!!! (Shadow still remains in same place) OmFucking god Bitch can you just leave me alone Asshole!! (Shadow bents fown and pushs envelope thru the bottom) WTF is this!?!?! Are you Fucking playing with me!?! (Finishes bathroom & grabs letter slowly,.. Opens door slowly to see if someone's there)

Who that Fuck was that? Who would do this? What does the letter say?? Is my stalker here? Wtf is going on?!

(Goes to her class and looks a round...everyone is fast asleep in their seats)

Wtf? Who could it be?

(Went to her seat and started thinking about it but then she feel asleep in her seat)

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