The Night Britney Screamed and Shout

Help Help!! (Britney scream) it was a relaxing get away for Britney Spears but then one night something tragic happen..


7. Maddie!!!

*Britney up against the door to make sure he won't get in*

Maddie POV

(Runs to bathroom) omg! Wtf is happening!? (Boom slams window shut and locks it) (runs to britney room) (breathing rapidly) Who would fucken do this!?(slams both windows shut and locks them,,runs to her room) Something's wrong here?.....(walks slowly to window and shuts it slowly and quietly,turns around and bam.....) Let me go!!(he's holding her to the ground with a rag in her mouth) she mumbled. (Kicked him in the knee and stood up...started fighting each other) Bitch get out of here!!!!! BRITNEY!!!AHHHH!!! Help me!!(guy pushes Maddie up against the wall...starts kissing her)AHHHH!!! Help me!!

*Bammmmm* (Pipe to the head) (Body drops)

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