The Night Britney Screamed and Shout

Help Help!! (Britney scream) it was a relaxing get away for Britney Spears but then one night something tragic happen..


4. Brazil

Um miss..? Miss?..Miss Britney Spears you have arrived at your destination. (Britney opens her eyes and yawns.realized everyone left plane and she's the only passenger there) Oh shit ! Thx for the flight but I gotta go !(grads all her stuff ASAP nd runs out of plane and enter the airport and try's to find her limo driver) where the fuck is he (she said as she walked and searching for the driver)Limo Driver?! Where are you?! (Looks in corner and sees a sign that says Britney Spears) Oh there he is!(walks to him) Hi am here for the limo. He said,"yes miss Britney Spears right this way" she said,"okay thank you." (They walked up to the limo and both got in and the driver started to drive) (Britney starts talking to herself) I wonder how big maddies house is? We are going to have so much fun here! Woah!! (Looks at window and realizes a car is following her) Wtf? (Call Paul,limo driver,)Paul why are they following us? Idk miss? But we are here!. Oh great thxs Paul I'll call you later!c: (rings door bell)

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