I am not a girly girl; I'm a tomboy. That obviously means that I am not a fan of One Direction.

So could someone, please, explain to me why I am on a game show with One Direction and a bunch of fan girls?


3. Single And Ready To Mingle

I aimlessly strode into my house with the boys following after me. Sadness swallowed me whole as there wasn't the expected smell of a waiting snack made by mom, or the noise of dad shouting at the football game. Instead the house was frozen with an eerie silence. 


"You alright?" Deacon asked as he twirled around in a barstool with an apple in his mouth. 



I nodded quickly. "Yeah, fine." 


It goes silent again as we all diverge into different things. Deacon keeps munching on his apple, Blake plops down on the couch with his laptop on his lap, and I tap on my phone. 



"What do you guys wanna do?" I ask, but don't turn my attention from my phone. 



Blake's eyes go wide and a smirk takes over his lips. "Come 'ere guys." 


Deacon shrugs as he slumps over there with me following close behind. Blake sits up and positions his laptop so we all can see it. On the screen is a big forum and above it were big black and red letters.


Are You In Love With 1D? Are you dying to meet the boys? 

Then this is YOUR chance! 


Fill out the forum below and you may get selected to be on a game show with One Direction themselves! 


Not all people who take the forum will be choosen. Only a lucky few​. 



"I dare you to sign up, Al." Deacon nudges me. 



I glare at them. "No way." 



"It's not like you'll actually get in. Let's just do it for the fun of it." Blake begs.


I ponder on the decision of whether or not to do this. In the end I gave them the go ahead and they started to fill it out.


After thirty minutes of obnoxious laughter from the boys, and plenty of shut up's from me, the boys hand over the finished forum. 


Name: Allison Smith

Age: 17.5 


"Seventeen point five, really?" I shake my head. They just nod their heads yes. 


Favorite person from One Direction: Louis, definitely Louis.<3 


I fake puke on the screen before continuing. 


Scale of 1-10 how much I love One Direction: -1837382927372828


Finally, a true one. 


Where I live: London 

Hobbies: Video games, eating, sleeping, sports, hating One Direction, hanging with best friends, Blake and Deacon

Boyfriend: Single and read to mingle!!! 


I facepalm myself for even letting them do this.


Favorite 1D song: Little Things! Omg lol!!!!! 


"Did you guys seriously put down 'Omg lol!!!!!' Or am I just seeing things?" I roll my eyes. 


Blake smiles. "Toats Magoats! Tehehe," 


"Don't ever do that again." I warn him. 


Thanks for sending in your forum! We wish you the best of luck, and hopefully will see YOU soon. 


This is a mess.


What have I gotten myself into? 













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