The Pain of the Past

This story takes place in the 1960's in Tulsa Oklahoma. Alexis wants to work herself back into society after 10 years on the run from foster homing. The gang (from the story "the outisders") enjoy her presence, especially 14 year old Ponyboy. The only problem is Ponyboy reminds Alexis of her late parents and pushes him away.


2. The Streets

Chapter 1
•back to "present day•
The sky darkened ominously with heavy clouds ready to burst. I eyed it, silently daring it to rain. If it did, I would have to take cover for the night. Otherwise, I would continue to wander my way into Oklahoma.
I continued to meander down the sidewalk, watching as the sky continued to darken, and people filed off the street slowly. My torn and dirty converse sneakers thumped on the ground in an even rhythem. A small pack was on my back carrying minimal supplies. It was probably about 7 in the evening, everyone was either home, or slow to it, so I was left to walk the road leading to Tulsa alone.
I'll admit it, living alone, scraping along barely living is hard. Doing it for 10 years is murder.
A drop hit my shoulders. A drip from the sky warning me to he under some roofing. I ignored it and went on. My mistake. A roll of distant thunder, and the clouds burst and soaked me head o toe in 5 seconds flat. I gave the sky an incredulous look an continued to walk.
"Now I'm singing in the rain. I'm singing in the rain!" I sang, then dropped out because I couldn't remember the rest of the lyrics. 
A penny shone on the dark saturated pavement bringing my eye to it. Without a moment's hesitation, I bent down and picked it up. That's 25 cents for a day. Not bad.

It didn't take long for me to start running, continuing down the road hoping to get to Tulsa before I got pneumonia. Although, given all the problems I've faced in all these years, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. 
After 15 minutes of running, I passed a sign that read "Welcome to TULSA." 
"Took long enough." I grunted slightly. I immediately started searching for a place to rest. A minute or two and I saw a gas station with an overhang. My judgement probably wasn't the best, but I was tired, it was cold, and for goodness sakes it was dry. I curled up by the wall under the overhang and went to sleep with the lullaby of pouring rain and distant thunder.

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