The Pain of the Past

This story takes place in the 1960's in Tulsa Oklahoma. Alexis wants to work herself back into society after 10 years on the run from foster homing. The gang (from the story "the outisders") enjoy her presence, especially 14 year old Ponyboy. The only problem is Ponyboy reminds Alexis of her late parents and pushes him away.


1. The Past

•10 years previous•
"Sweetheart, we'll be fine. It's not like we're flying over to Europe!" Mama said softly holding me in a warm hug.
"Mama! Don't go!" I cried loudly into her shoulder.
"We'll be gone an hour! No longer!" Sweetheart, don't worry about us!" She cooed trying to calm me." I started calming down slightly.
"There, there. Alexis, you be a good girl, alright? Daddy will drive safely, I promise." I pulled away and looked in my mothers warm, melted chocolate brown eyes.
"Ok." I said. Mama stood and walked over to the door next to Daddy. I walked over as well and planted my fists on my hips.
"Daddy, you better keep Mama safe!" I said with as much sass as a 4 year old could muster. Daddy laughed in the loud way that he did. My parents were the warmest most welcoming people in all of Missouri.
"Alright, sweetie. Stay safe!"
He said stooping to kiss my forehead. I giggled and went to sit on the couch as they left the house.
•an hour later•
Mommy wasn't home. I didn't know why. It felt like forever that Mommy and Daddyhad gone! I started peeking out the window to see when they would be coming. 
My parents car started down the long avenue leading to my house. I silently had a victory dance then watched as a car pulled out in front of our car. The screech of brakes was loud, even a quarter mile away. There was a huge crash, and the car, with my parents tumbled into a ditch, filled to the brim with rain water.

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