The Pain of the Past

This story takes place in the 1960's in Tulsa Oklahoma. Alexis wants to work herself back into society after 10 years on the run from foster homing. The gang (from the story "the outisders") enjoy her presence, especially 14 year old Ponyboy. The only problem is Ponyboy reminds Alexis of her late parents and pushes him away.


3. The Offer

"Check this out, Steve." A voice said bringing me out of my slumber.
"That's a girl." Another says. The sound of a gentle slap was heard.
"I know THAT!" The first voice said.
"I bet she's cleaner than Ponyboy is." The second said. I blinked my eyes and shook my head trying to get rid of my drowsiness. When I looked up, I saw two teenage boys in light blue uniforms with DX stitched on the pocket. I scurried to stand, and started backing away. The boys were both lean, and somewhat tall. One had long golden hair and the other had dark hair swirled in complicated patterns.
"It's ok! I'm not here to hurt you. There's no need to be afraid!" The blond one said to me. They were older than me, at least by 3 years. The other boy stood next to him like a bump on a log. My eyes darted between them.
"What's your name?" The blond boy said.
"A-Alexis." I stuttered slightly. I wasn't exactly a socialite, ok?
"I'm Sodapop, and this is Steve." The boy said gesturing to his friend.
"Howdy." Steve said nonchalantly.
"Why are you alone out here?" Sodapop asked.
"Ummmm......" I said at a loss for words to say. Should I tell them the truth?
"I ran out last night. My parents were bugging me." I said, trying to swallow a lump forming in my throat.
"Ohhhhh!" Sodapop said slapping his buddy softly in the stomach. "The parent routine." 
"Right." Steve said.
"If you want, you can stay with me and my brothers if you want. Just until things blow over for you." Sodapop offered. My eyes grew to what felt like the size of watermelons.
"Sure! You should stick around here until we get off work though." He said, pulling out a key and unlocking the door on the side of the gas station. The door swung in and Steve stepped inside, disappearing into it's darkness.
"C'mon!" Sodapop said smiling. I warily started to walk towards him, then duck inside.

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