Just a Walk to Starbucks Changed my Life Forever

Sophia and Amy are just normal girls until they go to Starbucks and meet their favorite people, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Sophia and Harry fall in love at first site. Will their love last? Read to find out!


10. Worrying, the beach, and way more

Amy's P.O.V

Today all of us went and got our tattoo. It hurt but I guess it was worth it. I'm really worried about the text and the hate comment Sophia has got I haven't even got hate for being with Louis and I have no idea why. It's driving me crazy thinking that I'm not getting hate but Sophia is. I hope she doesn't get any more comments from that person.

Sophia's P.O.V

I'm really worried about the text and the hate that I got. I don't know what to think. Will they come to the house? Will they be somewhere in public? I don't know these questions keep running through my head driving me crazy! I don't know when this person is gonna come and I don't know why they are out to get me. I wouldn't think it would be my ex cause I only had one and are relationship ended cause we wanted to see other people. Maybe it's a girl who dated Harry before and wanted him back or maybe it just that they want to scare me. I think it's that they want to scare me cause I can't think of who would be out to get me.

Harrys P.O.V

I think that Sophia's idea of getting the 'Family' tattoo was a really good idea. But I think the text thing that Sophia got has got everyone going crazy but mostly me cause this is my girl and I'm not letting her go now. I just hope that this is a person trying to scare everyone. I really think that Paul should get Sophia security that we have. I wish that Sophia had her own Gemma cause when I'm with Gemma nobody goes near me. But when I'm with security I get mobbed.

No ones P.O.V

Everyone is going crazy wondering who the person who is out to attacking Sophia. Some of them think that that person is trying to scare everyone.

*the next day*

Sophia's P.O.V

Today I want to spend the day with Amy cause I haven't had a girls day since we met Harry and Louis. So me and Amy are gonna have a girls day at the beach. Hang out, talk about our relationships, and get a tan. We haven't done that for a while. I'm gonna tell Harry so he doesn't ask if we can do something.



"I'm going to the beach with Amy today so I can't do anything!"

"OK" that's good he doesn't mind.

Amy's P.O.V

Today me and Sophia are gonna go to the beach cause we need to hang out so I'm gonna put on my bikini and then put my hair in a messy bun. Now that I did that I'm ready I just have to make sure that Sophia is too. I just hope that nothing happens cause of the text.

*skip getting ready to go to the beach*

Sophia's P.O.V

When me and Amy got to the beach. We both jumped out of the car, grabbed our stuff put it on the beach and ran to the water. We started to splash each other but the water was so cold we jumped out and ran to our towels. When we got to our towels we started to tan so we got on our phones while we tanned. I got a text from that unknown number again. It said ' I know where you are. I'm there too. I'm following you everywhere I'm coming to get you today watch your back.'

"Amy I got another text."

"What does it say!?!"

"Go ahead and read it" when she was finished reading her mouth was wide open. She then said

"We are leaving NOW!"

"Ok get your stuff and I will get mine and we will run to the car." I said. I then got all my stuff and then we ran to the car.

Then all of a sudden another person grabbed me and dragged me away "AM-" I got cut off by someone putting their hand on my mouth. And then all of a sudden I blacked out.

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