Just a Walk to Starbucks Changed my Life Forever

Sophia and Amy are just normal girls until they go to Starbucks and meet their favorite people, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Sophia and Harry fall in love at first site. Will their love last? Read to find out!


16. Time to meet the Parent

Sophia's POV

Today Harry gets to meet my Mom. I'm seriously so nervous, and even though told her about him and she loved her I still am nervous. More nervous than when I met Harry. Harry doesn't seem nervous though. He seems calm and very excited. I mean it's not everyday that you meet your girlfriends parents. When you meet the parents that actually means something. It means that your relationship is serious! That's a good thing.

"Harry? How come you aren't nervous?" I asked him.

"Well, you told me she already loves me and I'm not really the nervous type. So I guess that's why."

"Oh ok." I said. I believe him and I did tell him that. Also when he's on tour he is front of more than 100,000 people some nights. I know it must be hard.

*At Sophia's moms house*

"Go ahead, Harry I think you should knock." I said as Harry knocked on the door.

"Why hello dears! Come on in!" My mother said excitedly

"Hi Mrs. Landwitt! I'm so glad to finally meet you!"

"Same here it's not everyday I'm meeting my daughters boyfriend who she thinks is the one."

"Mom. Stop." I said to her and then chuckling a little.

"It's fine, Sophia. Trust me." Harry said "I feel the same way."

"Really Harry?" I asked so happy it was hard not to cry.

"Yes, Sophia you are an amazing girl and anyone with die to have you! When I first saw you I almost died. You were so beautiful." He said.

"Well thank you Harry." I said giving him a kiss.

"Any thing for my love!"

"Awwwwwwwww!!" My mom said.

"Mom. Again. Just. Stop." I said

"Ok ok!" She said and then we all went to sit down.

"So, Harry tell me about yourself." My mom said.

"Well I'm not from here. I used to live in Holmes Chapel in the UK. My parents divorced when I was 12 and well I always have been the person to entertain people."

"Very interesting." My mom replied very serious.

"Har-" my mom was cut of by my phone ringing.


Sophia: Hello?

Unknown: Hi. We are calling from the hospital in LA. Your friends Amy and Louis have been in a accident. Amy is in a coma and Louis, well he's not doing well at all. I suggest you come down.

Sophia: ok. Thank you.

*end of convo*

I could almost cry. My Bestfriend and a person who is always there. How could this happen.

"Louis and Amy were in a Car accident. We have to go now. I'm sorry mom but I have to be there."


"I will tell you later. Just don't ask questions."


I can't believe it. I just can't.

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