Just a Walk to Starbucks Changed my Life Forever

Sophia and Amy are just normal girls until they go to Starbucks and meet their favorite people, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Sophia and Harry fall in love at first site. Will their love last? Read to find out!


8. Shopping and More

Sophia's P.O.V

When I got in the car to go shopping I was greeted with 4 hugs one from each member of 1D. Except Harry I got a kiss from him.

"Hey Sophia" they all said. Then I said 'Hey' back and then Louis started to drive to the mall. I still have no idea how this person could have gotten my number I mean who could have gotten my number I haven't given it to anyone and when I say anyone I mean anyone. But Harry and the rest of the band. When we were driving I was silent but everyone else was all talking and laughing but Lou and Amy were the loudest out of us all.

Now that we are here I want to go to Hollister first to get some nice tops. I picked up two and they were really pretty one had a floral design and the other was lace I like them both so I'm gonna buy them both. After I bought them I went to forever 21 to get a pair of ripped jeans to go with my two tops.

Amy's P.O.V

When we got to the mall Harry and Sophia went into Hollister and me and Lou went into Abrocrombie. I need some bathing suits so I thought here would be a good place to go to. I got a blue tie dye bikini and green tie dye bikini. Those are my fav colors. Sophia's too.

"I will bye these for you if you like."

"No it's ok."

"No I insist."

"Ok fine." I like to bye things for my self but people like to spoil me for some reason.

Sophia's P.O.V

Me and Amy got everything we need today so all of us are gonna go to Nandos. Nialls choice of corse. We all know how much he loves his Nandos and food. Even though that he will never gain weight he needs to stop eating to much but we all know that that will never happen, Ever.

When we got to Nandos we ordered our food and talked until our food came.

"So what are we gonna do tomorrow you guys?" Zayn said.

"Maybe we could all go get matching tattoos."

"Ok maybe we could what would we get?" Niall said. That's really surprising you wouldn't think that he would be up for getting a tattoo.

"Umm how 'bout 'Family' written across our foot?"

"Ok let's do that" Harry said and then the rest of us nodded because our mouths were filled with food.

Nialls P.O.V

Tomorrow we are all gonna get a tattoo. I don't like tattoos but I'm doing this so that we can all be together. It's gonna say Family and its gonna be written across our foot. I like that idea cause we all our like family already.

Sophia's P.O.V

I can't wait for tomorrow cause of the tattoos. I thought of the idea 'Family' written across our foot. They all liked the idea I think they know why I picked that. It's cause we are already like a family we do everything together except dates but that's ok. We are all done shopping now so we are heading home to get some rest for tomorrow. Everyone is staying at me and Amy's place. Harry is sleeping in my room and Lou is sleeping in Amy's room. Then the rest are sleeping in the living room. I can't wait for our tattoos tomorrow

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