Just a Walk to Starbucks Changed my Life Forever

Sophia and Amy are just normal girls until they go to Starbucks and meet their favorite people, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Sophia and Harry fall in love at first site. Will their love last? Read to find out!


21. Amy and Louis coming home (part 1)

Sophia's POV

"Well, Mr. Tomlinson. You got lucky and got your memory back. Thanks to Amy and Sophia." The doctor said and pointed to the two of us.

"I'm glad he did. If he didn't I wouldn't be the same. Ever again." Amy said.

"You both can go home today. But first I got to do a blood test on the two of you. It's not one of those ones that take a long time to come back though." The doctor said and the two nurses came in to the room to do the blood tests.

"All done!" The nurses both said after they were finished.

"YES! I can finally get out of here!!!" Amy said and started doing her happy dance.

"Wait. The two of you are hurt Amy, your going to be doing A LOT of sleeping. Louis, your going to be doing A LOT of sitting. So none of your funny business!" I said.

"But-" Louis tried to say but I cut him off.

"No buts! Your not aloud to play pranks!" I said and then Harry chimed in with me.

"Fine.... BUT WHAT IF-"

"NO!" Everyone in the room said.

"Fine!" He said and then he started to fake pout.

"It's ok Louis! Don't worry you will be better in 6 weeks!" Amy said.

"Harry and me are going to go home and get things ready." I said and Harry and me started walking out the door until Amy said something.

"Sure. Your going home to "get things ready"." Amy said smirking.

"WE ARE!" Harry and I both said and then finally got to walk out the door.

"I love you, Harry."

"I love you, Sophia" he said and kissed me on the nose. I started blushing, but he didn't notice.

"So should we order pizza so they can have real food?" Harry asked me.

"Yea. They had to eat that hospital food for about 5 days. They need REAL food."

"Ok. I will order." Harry said and I got in the car and got on Twitter.

I started tearing up as I saw more of the hate coming through my feed.

"@sophialuvsstyles: your using Harry for fame and money he should be with someone like me!"

"@sophialuvsstyles: leave Harry alone he never liked you and never will!"

By that point I had broken down crying. But I had to make sure it didn't show because of Harry coming in the car soon.

"Hey." I said when he got in the car.

"What's wrong? I know your trying to hide something." He said. He always knows when something's wrong.

"I'm getting hate again ok. I can't take this!" I said and started crying again.

"Shhh it's ok. Don't worry babe, we will get through this together."

"One of them says your a slut and Harry would never want a slut so back off."

"Don't let it get to you. I'm going to be sending a VERY LONG tweet telling the 'fans' to leave you alone later tonight don't worry it will be ok."

"Ok. Thank you Haz. I love you."

"I love you too." He said and gave me a hug and then started driving.

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