The New Girl

Whisper Hemmings lives in Canada with her mum, step dad, twin brother, little sister, and step sister. When she has issues with her step sister she has to move to Australia with her dad, step mum, and step brother Luke, will be tooken over by the 'Popular Crowd' or will Luke and his friends come save her.


17. Thunder Storms

I woke up stiff and uncomfortable. I looked around and noticed I was in a van.

"What the hell..."

I looked to my left to see a sleeping figure. My eyes went wide and I scrambled for my clothes. Ashton groaned and rolled over to face me. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.

"You!" I hissed.

"What?" He asked, his voice groggy and tired.

"We broke up then had sex!"


"So! Ashton people don't do that!" I said angrily , slipping on my shorts.

His eyes traveled to my stomach and I felt a little insecure. That's when the pain rang through me. He was looking at my bruise.

I tugged on my shirt and looked down, my hair becoming a tangled mess in my face.

"Want me to take you home?" He asked quietly.

I nodded my head then climbed into the passenger seat.

We drove to my place in silence. And yes, it was the awkward kind.

"See you." I said, opening the side door.

"Yeah. See you." Ashton whispered, pulling into gear.

I watched him drive away then I walked up to the front door. It was still pretty early and no one was up. I started the shower downstairs then washed my hair and body. By the time I got out it was 7:20.

I blow dried my hair then got dressed. I decided on a white batman tank top with a grey cardigan. I put on some black shorts and flats. I straightened my hair and did dark eye makeup with cover up.

I slid my glasses on my face and walked upstairs. Mercedes was on her cell phone, wearing a dark red ballerina top with a black skirt. Her hair was straight but she played with the tips.

I grabbed an apple and waved Ty goodbye. I walked to school and met up with Chris and Deuce.

"Hey guys." I smiled.

"Hey." Deuce replied.

They looked like they were going to explode any second.

"What?" I asked.

"We heard you didn't go home." Chris said, smiling.

"Oh yeah." I told her.

"Were you with Ashton?" Deuce asked.

"Oh hush." I said sticking my tongue out.

Deuce was wearing a black Pierce The Veil T shirt with white shorts. Her hair was in a straightened pony tail and she held her long board in one hand. Chris was wearing a black button up crop top with black and white splatter paint jeans. Her hair was in a bun with a black bandana.

We all grabbed our books and separated for class.

I was sitting in Band when I noticed rain pelting the window. I sighed and fiddled with my drum sticks. The band teacher gave another speech about up going to Nationals but I didn't pay attention.

After school I walked home in the rain. It sucked because I was wearing shorts. I was about 3 blocks from the house when the sign made me stop. The roads were closed. I couldn't get home. I started thinking about my options and decided it would be best to go to Chris' place since she lived down the street I was on.

I knocked on the door but no one was home.

"Shit!" I cursed, shivering from the cold drops of rain now soaking my body.

Deuces street was closed but I knew she was at home. I started walking to Brandon's house. My body shook with fear as thunder struck. I trembled, increasing my pace as it struck again. Lightning doesn't bother me it's thunder that does.

I heard a car coming from behind and prayed they wouldn't be assholes and splash me with the water. The driver pulled up a little ways ahead and got out. I couldn't make out who it was they were running towards me.

"Why are you out here?" Ashton asked, pulling me I into a hug and covering my ears.

"M-my streets f-flooded." I told him, shaking more violently.

"C'mon. Get inside." He told me, pulling me towards a nice looking silver car.

"How many cars do you own?" I asked.

"Too much." He laughed, pulling the car into gear.

He drove me to a modern looking house made out of brick. It was a house that maybe had 4-5 bedrooms.

"My mom and sister aren't here. They went to Venice for three weeks. You can have the spare room." He told me.

"Thanks." I whispered, trying to keep myself warm.

"You can take a hot shower. Here-" he started, he pulled me towards the bathroom on the main floor and turned on the water.

"Thanks. My dad and his girlfriend might freak if I'm not home. Again..." I whispered the last part quietly.

"I'll tell Luke to tell them you couldn't get home so your with a friend."

"Friend." I repeated.

Once her got out, I peeled out of my clothes. My bra and boy shorts being the only thing dry.

I stepped into the shower to let the hot water run over my skin. It felt nice to let my muscles relax.

I got out and had the towel wrapped around my body. I noticed I had only wet clothes infront of me.

"Ash!" I called.

"Yeah?" He replied a minute later from the other side of the door.

"I have nothing to wear." I told him.

"Shit. Uh. One sec!" He called and I could hear him running up the stairs. He came back later knocking on the door.

I slowly opened it a inch and he tossed me a shirt. It was a men's and plain black. I sighed and threw it on over my white with black lace bra and matching boxer shorts. It was a little short so you could see the tips of lace.

I came out, tugging on the ends of the shirt when I bumped into Ashton.

"Oh sorry." I apologized, looking up into his eyes.

He gave me a cheeky smile and said.

"You would look better without the shirt."

"I'm not sleeping with you Ashton. If that's why you invited me in here I will leave." I said sternly.

"Hey, I was joking. I care about you okay?" Ashton told me.

I bit my bottom lip and followed him to the spare bedroom. He brought me to a large room with a Queen sized bed in it only. The floors were a dark brown hard wood and the walls were a creamy white. The bed was in white covers and there was a painting of a sunset on the wall across from it.

"Thanks for everything." I smiled, giving Ashton a quick hug.

I crawled on my hands and knees to the head of the bed from the foot, forgetting I was only wearing under wear underneath. I pulled the covers over myself and waved Ashton goodnight.

He smiled back and flicked off the lights. He closed the door and I could hear him walking away.

I closed my eyes and drifted into an uneasy dream.

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