The New Girl

Whisper Hemmings lives in Canada with her mum, step dad, twin brother, little sister, and step sister. When she has issues with her step sister she has to move to Australia with her dad, step mum, and step brother Luke, will be tooken over by the 'Popular Crowd' or will Luke and his friends come save her.


2. The Party

Whisp's P.O.V:

I got up around noon today. Its Saturday I think... I rubbed my green eyes and searched around my night stand for my glasses. I slipped them on and walked tiredly out of my small bedroom. I saw my sister Mercedes walk out of her room and she stopped to stare at my outfit. I was wearing dark purple boxer shorts, a white tank top, and black high knee socks, while my blue and green hair was a mess with my glasses half off my face. 

"Problem?" I asked cockily. 

She rolled her eyes and walked back downstairs. I followed her and sat beside my brother at the table. My brother was wearing blue skinnies and a red Sleeping With Sirens T- Shirt. 

"Contacts?" I asked.

"Yeah they just came in. Yours are on the washer, by the back door. " He told me.

I nodded and passed my step sister wearing the usual low cut tank top and super tight size 0 skinny jeans,

"Whisp it's like lunch maybe you should get dressed..." She trailed off.

"Nah I'm good, just gonna have a Harry Potter movie marathon and eat all day anyways. " I replied.

"Have fun getting fat!" She yelled walking out of the door.

What a bitch!


*Skips To 7:00 P.M*

I was on the fourth movie of Harry Potter, 'Goblet Of Fire' (If your wondering how I got so far into the movies its because I started last night when I got home from school and the movies are like 3hrs long each so...) I just started on my second bag of chips when Jade bursts through my door.

"What?" I asked, shooting a glare through my glasses.

"Whisp.... So my boyfriend is throwing this party tonight at his place and he invited me to go, but I want you to come." She told me cheerfully.

"Why?" I asked with no emotion on my face. This girl really irritated me.

"Okay... Truth is Cam's best friend has this major crush on you and Cam said I can't go unless you come and he has beer and stuff and I'll pay for all of your rounds!!!" She pleaded.

Well she's desperate and I like that...

"Sure I'll go. What kind of party is it anyways?" I asked.

"Just dress in your sexiest clothes for Logan." She told me, winking.

"What time?" I asked.

"Were gonna sneak out at around 11." She told me smiling, then walking into her room.


At about 9:30 I had a shower. My parents don't really care when we shower. I waited for my hair to dry naturally then straightened it. I have a Chi so it was just about perfect. I slipped on a pair of black high waisted denim jeans with rips on the thighs and studs by the pockets. I found my Nirvana shirt and my studded combat boots. I put on my eye liner on my bottom part only and put thick wings on the tips. I put on my mascara and painted my nails silver and black.

I walked into Jade's room at exactly 11. She on the other hand was wearing a low cut lace see through white shirt and red size 0 skinny jeans. She had her tips curled with its dip dyed light pink this time and she had thick red lip stick. Her black bra was very noticeable and you could see the matching strings for the thong on account that the shirt showed her stomach. Her mascara made her blue eyes look thinner. She had on several bracelets and a sliver heart necklace. In my opinion, she looks hilarious.

"Don't you look... Nice..." She trailed off.


We arrived at Cam's house and it smelt of alcohol and smoke. Jade dragged me to Logan and Cam's 'Clique' and she sat down on Cam and they instantly started to make out. Logan came up to me and started hitting on me with stupid little quotes Cam probably gave him.

This was going to be a VERY long night.... 


After I had a few beers I loosened up and started dancing and flirting and becoming more 'bad'. Logan and I actually had some very decent conversations, which eventually lead up to him kissing me and me flashing the whole party... I don't behave very well when I'm drunk. Then again who does?

I saw Logan standing against the frame and I instantly made my way up to him. I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around I pulled him straight towards me and we started to make out.

"Whisp you should know your brothers here." He told me.

My eyes went wide and I scanned the kitchen.

"He's actually looking for you and Jade." He replied.

That's when I started to sober up.

"What ever you think we have, we don't." I spat and turned into the crowd looking for Jade. I saw her making out with Cam and I grabbed her forearm and dragged her out side.

"What's your problem? It's only 2!" She asked angrily.

"Keihl's here. He's looking for us!" I told her raising my voice.

Cam came out and asked if we needed a ride home. Jade offered to drive but it was a little late for that...

"Jade! Whisp! Come with me now!" Keihl's voice bellowed.

We both sighed and walked towards him to Jade's lime green car. (Btw Keihl is just another way of the name Kyle.)

"Why didn't you two ask mum and dad?" He asked.

I acted without thinking and said, "Because mum's a stuck up bitch who won't let us do anything and dad's in Australia."

"Plus my mom lives in Arizona..." Jade trailed off.

"Whatever! You better hope Nikki or Greg don't find out." he spat, referring to our mum and Jades dad.

We got home and snuck through Jades window. I opened her door to go down to my room, only to find my mum and Greg waiting for all three of us.

"I can explain..." I started.


"Um excuse me! Jade's the one who made me go in the first place, and Keihl only came to bring us home before you guys found out!" I snapped.

"Daddy! I'm so sorry! Whisp made me go because she needed a sober person to ride home with and she knew you guys would never allow her to go, so she made me come along! Please daddy! I'm so sorry!" Jade yelled, crying her eyes out.

"What the hell!" I screeched.

"All of you go to bed! I will deal with you in the morning!" She whisper yelled, seeing as she woke Mercedes up.

I made my way to my room a slammed my door shut. This is it... I'm dead...


A.N: Hai guys it's Alexa!! So just a heads up the boys will be coming up later, when Whisp gets sent to Australia to go live with her dad. Like, comment, and heart!!! Goodbye my lovelies!!~Xx

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