The New Girl

Whisper Hemmings lives in Canada with her mum, step dad, twin brother, little sister, and step sister. When she has issues with her step sister she has to move to Australia with her dad, step mum, and step brother Luke, will be tooken over by the 'Popular Crowd' or will Luke and his friends come save her.


11. So This Is Julia.

"Whisp! Get up! I want you to meet someone!" Keihl yelled from the top of the stairs.

I groaned and put on my glasses. My hair was still in a messy bun. I fixed my black tank top that said, 'Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere.' I pulled down my grey shorts and slowly walked up the long narrow stairs.

"Yeah?" I tiredly groaned.

"This is Julia." He told me smiling.

"Hi." She smiled.

"I love your hair." Was the first thing I said.

She laughed and sat down on the couch.

"So how old are you?" I asked.

"16" She replied, flipping her black and purple hair.

"Nice I replied.


Julia Lopez:

Hi! I'm Julia! So here's a bit about me;

Name: Julia Lopez

Age: 16

Favourite bands: BVB, SWS, and 1D

Favorite color: Purple

Hair: Black and Purple

Eyes: Green but sometimes I wear blue contacts

Like: Dancing and Singing

Dislike: Preppy people

Family: One brother and divorced parents

Piercings: Lip, Nose, tongue, 3 on ears

Tattoos: Fire bird on my shoulder, Ying Yang sign on my wrist, Superman sign on my neck


In the middle of talking about her favourite bands, I got a phone call from an unknown number,

"Sorry. I'll be right back." I told her.

She smiled and played on her phone.


"It's Ashton." He stated.

"Oh... Um hi..." I trailed off.

"I broke up with Lana." He told me.

"I know. She harassed me about it in the hall yesterday." I spat.

"Listen, wanna come to my place so we can talk in person?" he asked.

"Yeah I guess."

"K sweet, i'll text you my address. "

I made a 'humph'  sound as I hung up on him.

I walked back inside and greeted Julia and Keihl.

"I've got to go get ready to leave, it was really nice getting to know you." I smiled.

"Thanks. Your brothers an amazing boyfriend by the way." She winked at Keihl.

I laughed and walked back down to my room. I grabbed a towel and quickly showered. I blow dried my hair then got into my outfit.


(Outfit: Grey PARADISE tank top, white ripped skinny jeans, black ankle converse, key necklace, BVB seatbelt belt, dark grey eye shadow, winged eye liner, mascara, BVB bracelets, music pick bracelet, white studded bag, white nails.)


I left my hair naturally wavy and made my way to Ashton's address. After about 2o minutes of walking, I finally found it. He lived in a huge beige colored beach house. It was stunning.

"Hey!" Ashton called.

"Hi." I smiled.

 He was wearing a yellow muscle shirt with white shorts underneath.

"Come in." He offered.

I nodded and walked in. I sat down on his black leather couch and waited awkwardly.

"Want a beer?" He asked.

"No thanks." I replied.

"Here take one."

I nodded and took the brown glass bottle out of his hands.

"So about Lana.." I trailed off.

"Don't even talk about Lana." He demanded.

"Then why am I over?" I asked.

"Because, I broke up with Lana to be with you." He told me.

"Why?" I asked.

"I like you Whisp. Your like this exotic beauty queen who came into my life. Lana was just a girl who I liked because she would have sex with me." He spoke clearly.

"Excuse me?" I nearly yelled. "I won't be your little sex monkey Ashton!"

"Dammit that's not what I meant." He tried to calm me down.

"I don't care if you broke up with Lana for me, This is not happening!"

With that I stormed out of his house.

"Whisp wait!" He called.

"What!" I spat, turning my head to look at him.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me close.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, kissing me slowly but passionately.

At first I wanted to pull away, but then I kissed him back. We rested out foreheads together as we looked into each others eyes.


A.N: Hai guys!!! It's Alexa! Nice to know that you guys do read my authors notes haha. Well, The winner is @NiallsPrincess7! Congratulations! She made Julia and to be honest I'm starting to really like that character. We meet Tyrone's Girlfriend in the next chapter.

Goodbye my Demons~Xx

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