The New Girl

Whisper Hemmings lives in Canada with her mum, step dad, twin brother, little sister, and step sister. When she has issues with her step sister she has to move to Australia with her dad, step mum, and step brother Luke, will be tooken over by the 'Popular Crowd' or will Luke and his friends come save her.


3. I can't believe you!

Whisp's P.O.V:

I woke up to the sound of my mum screaming at my brother. I groaned and rolled out of bed and grabbed my glasses. I walked out of my room and ran up the wore down carpet stairs. 

"Whisp sit down." My mum ordered. 

I nodded my head and sat down next to a pissed off looking Keihl. 

"So I have some news for you two." She told us calmly. 

"What because the news you gave me earlier wasn't bad enough?" Keihl snapped. 

She gave him a warning look and continued her 'speech'. 

"Since you two love exploring the town so much, Greg and I thought you would both have loads of 'fun' exploring Australia with your dad." 

"What do you mean?" I asked my voice getting higher. 

"Your living with your dad in Australia. I called him this morning and he said he would be glad to take you two and if Mercedes wishes to come she is more then welcome to as well. Your plane leaves tomorrow morning. Go pack." She demanded. 

"I can't believe you!" I screeched running down the stairs to my room. 

I slammed the door shut and instantly called Sara. 

Our conversation:

Whisp: Hai...

Sara: Hey. Whats up?

Whisp: I'm uh... Moving tomorrow...

Sara: To like a new house in town...?

Whisp: No. Australia...

Sara: Oh...

Whisp: Yeah... I'm gonna miss you... Alot...

Sara: Same. I'll only have like 5 other people to hang out with. 

Whisp: Yeah. I'll have no one.

Sara: Sucks for you.

Whisp: Wanna help me pack?

Sara: Sure i'll be over soon. Bye.

Whisp: Bye.


It's been about two hours since Sara got here and shes been running upstairs alot and hasn't helped me once. This is about her 5th time going upstairs so I decided to check on her. I saw her walk into Keihls room, but she left the door open a crack. 

I looked through and saw her on top of my brother making out, on his bed. She took off her shirt to reveal her black and red lace bra while she grinded on top of him. 

"Uh..." I said loud enough for them to hear. 

"Oh um... Whisp..." Keihl trailed off. 

"Yeah. You guys continue... Bye..." I said before I left. 


*The Next Day*

I woke up at 7 and had a shower. Sucks for my brother because I like to take long showers...  The plane leaves at about 9:40. I got out about 20 minutes later and changed into some light blue denim washed shorts and a dark grey Alice in Wonderland tank top. I straightened my hair and put on thick black eye liner with a wing and some mascara. I slipped on my black flats and grabbed my black hoodie. I packed all my bags and boxes in Greg's truck last night after Sara left. It turns out Mercedes is coming too. I saw her come out of her room wearing dark blue high waisted denim skinnies and a white and pink floral tank top. She was wearing white flip flops and she had here long hair up in a messy pony tail. You could see the little bits of mascara she had on. Her dull flower earrings matched her shirt perfectly.

"You look like little miss too good for anyone." I said eyeing up her outfit.

She rolled her eyes and got into Greg's truck.

"Come on you guys! We gotta go! " Greg yelled honking the horn.

Keihl opened the door still wearing his boxers and muscle shirt.

"Dammit Keihl! We don't have time for this!" Greg yelled.

Mercedes was worried but I was laughing my ass off. It's nice that other people are getting into trouble and not me. Keihl ran back inside to grab pants and he jumped in the front seat. I put in my headphones and blasted, 'Teenagers. ~ My Chemical Romance, ' and closed my eyes.

We soon got onto the plane and I played on my laptop just about the entire time. I looked down at my wrists and saw the fading scars. I promised myself I would stop and I think I'm doing pretty good so far. It's been about 4 weeks since I last cut. After the plane landed Keihl, Mercedes, and I waiting for my dad to pick us up. It took awhile but he finally showed up.

"I haven't seen you guys forever!" He chirped hugging us each.

I gave him a small smile and looked behind him where my step mum Ty and here son Luke were.

"So nice to finally meet you all!" Ty exclaimed hugging us each. She stopped when she got to me and examined my hair.

"Blue hair? Well Luke I'm sure your friend Deuce would love to meet this girl!"

"Just because I have blue hair?" I asked.

"No sweetheart, because well you have blue and green hair and Deuce has redish pink hair. I also checked out your Facebook profile and you love the same bands as she does. Luke loves those bands too. The only difference is that Deuce has loads of tattoos and some piercings." She said eyeing up my face.

"I have loads of tattoos and piercings Mrs. Hemmings. I have all over my ears, belly, tongue and I want waaaaay more. I also have a lot of tattoos. You just can't see them." I exclaimed.

"Does mum know about those?" Keihl asked, raising one eyebrow.

"What mum doesn't know won't kill her." I hissed.

"Well you guys off we go!" Ty chirped.


On the way home we stopped for Taco's. The kids were all piled into Ty's mini van while my dad took all of our stuff in his truck. Alone. We finally got to the beach house and I have to say... It was really beautiful!

 "Are you people rich!?" I asked in amazement.

Luke laughed and walked inside.

"Whisp, Keihl, Mercedes. Luke will show you to your rooms. " My dad said, carrying the boxes up the stairs.

"Mercedes. Here's your room." Luke said, showing her, her room at the top of the stairs.

"We don't really know what you guys wanted for your room so we just sort of guessed." He mumbled.

"Keihl this is your room." Luke said, walking us to a giant room at the end of the hall.

"Wow. Sweet thanks!" Keihl chirped, throwing his bags into his room.

"Whisp, your room is in the basement with mine. Hope you don't mind." Luke trailed off.

I gave him a warm smile and followed him downstairs.

"Here you are." He said, helping me hull my bags into my room.

It was a medium sized room but I loved it!

It's bigger in real life. Plus I only showed the bed.

"Well uh... You should get some sleep... We have school first thing in the morning." Luke told me, leaving my room. I sighed and grabbed a towel. May as well shower tonight instead of waiting till morning. I walked into a rather family sized bathroom. It was neat and clean, unlike my mum's back home.


After I showered, I went straight to bed. Well, tomorrow will be interesting....


A.N: Hai guys it's Alexa!!! So I'm actually pretty excited about this story! I will be posting outfits just so your all aware. I will also describe the outfit, underneath just incase your reading it from like your phone or something :3. Goodbye my Lovelies~ Xx

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