King Crowley of Hell's Daughter

When the Winchester Boys are taken to the King of Hell's castle (after they released Crowley to take on Abadan) by Crowley's own daughter, what will ensue?

*set during the ending of the current season--Season Nine--of Supernatural. Will go into Season Ten quickly.*

Rated for language.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


3. The Sweet Beckoning of Pie

"You really don't know anything do you, you miserable sacks of bones?!" Dad yelled at the Winchesters. 

"Father..." I warned, I was the one that wanted to teach them a lesson for calling me such vulgar and vile words. 

He ignored me. "You treat my DAUGHTER as if she is nothing but the DIRT UNDER YOUR BLOODY SHOES! MOOSE! I HEARD what you called her!" And then Moose was withering in agony on the ground, screaming. 

Blood was pouring out of every cut my father created as he slashed at him with his powers.

"CROWLEY!! LET MY BROTHER GO! SAM!!!" Dean screamed, running to he barred cage walls and shaking them, attempting to escape. "Evee!! Tell your dear old dad to let my brother go!" Dean was trying to reason with me. 

How... Interesting. 

"Why should I, Squirrel?" I smirked smugly at him. 

"He's all I've got... Your dad is killing him!" Dean was on his knees, begging me, asking for my help. 

Curse my humanity!

I helped him. 

"Daddy... He's had enough. Look at him, you've shown how strong you are. Who is truly the Ruler of Hell. Who is the one on top of the food chain. Let Moose go." I said 

He looked at me, saw my pleading eyes and looked back at Sammy. Daddy released him from his grasp, allowing the poor boy to breathe. 

"Why?" Daddy asked me quietly in Latin. 

"I've been in their shoes. I understand. Remember?" I whispered back fervently. 

He nodded and turned to leave, I knew he expected me to follow him. 

"Lord?" I called out in English. 

"Yes, love?" He answered me. 

"Shall we?" I asked, knowing he'd know what I was talking about. 

"Why must we?!" He spat out, back still turned to me. 

"Abadon." I said back harshly. 

"She is NOTHING compared to me! She no worse than A HUMAN'S SPAWN!" He yelled furiously, finally turning to look at me. 

I stiffened. "Is that so?" I growled, eyes gone back scarlet. 

"YES!" He snapped. 

"If you say so." I grounded out through my teeth. "Then, I guess I better go and JOIN those HUMAN SPAWN in there!"

"Does he even realize what he just did?" Dean asked Sammy behind me. 

"I don't think so." Sammy answered worriedly. 

"I've got fifty on Evee." Dean said, using that stupid little shortened version of my name again. 

"I'm with you on that."

"What do you mean by that, girl?!" 

"HUMAN! SPAWN!" I yelled back at him. 

He looked at me confused still. 

I started to shake with my rage. I made the whole castle shake, all of Hell was at my dispense. At my feet! I was the MOST powerful demon to WALK the bloody planet! And Daddy wasn't. He knew it too. 

He paled as the significance of what he had said came to him. "Oh, Lucifer! No! I meant that she was no better than hunters! Not...not... You!" He stuttered out in fear. 

"Is. That. So?" 


"I forgive you."

"That's wonderful!"

"But I will not forget."

"Right... Errr... Come on then!" And he was walking away again. 

"And what about us?!" Dean called after him. 

I raised an eyebrow at my dad, egging him on. 

"Release!" He growled in Latin. 

The doors opened and he stormed out in a huff. 

Dean gave me a skeptical look and helped Sammy up and get to walking. 

"What are you looking at, Princess?!" Dean sneered at me, using my title as an insult. 

"Apparently, nothing much." I answered with a smirk. 

"What?!" Dean cried out in outrage. 

"Let it go, Squirrel." Sammy laughed. 

"Nothing much?! Sam! She just..."

"Knocked your ego down quite a few pegs. I think you needed it, pretty boy." Sam smirked. 

I laughed out right. These two brothers were so funny. "You both are hilarious. No wonder Daddy likes you guys."

They stopped at looked at me in repulsion. 

"It's not a bloody secret. You guys like him. He likes you. You're practically family already. Don't try to deny it, boys. I can always tell. You try being born as a demon. Then you'll get it." I said. 

"Who the h-ll do you think you are?!" Dean demanded while Sam just laughed. 

Well, I know who the hot head and the laid back one is. 

"I'm Evelyn Crowley, Princess of Hell, love."

Sam couldn't contain himself any longer and bursted out howling with laughter. 

Dean glared at him viciously. "Oi! MOOSE! Get back to earth!" He growled at his laughing brother. 

I giggled. 

"You think this is funny?!" Dean yelled at me. 

"Yes. I do. Now, if you're done stating the obvious, would you two like some supper?"

Dean grumbled something about "Not eating your evil demon food." 

Sam looked at me and with a wink mouthed, "Say pie!" 

I nodded and smiled at him. I could tell we were going to be good friends. Dean, I wasn't so sure about yet. 

"Well, I guess since you don't want any of our 'evil demon food' you don't want pie?" I asked innocently with a smirk. 

Dean looked up at me so fast, I swear his neck almost broke. "Did you say pie?!"


"LET'S GO SAMMY!! THEY HAVE PIE HERE!!" And with that, he dropped his younger brother and raced up the stair ahead of me, not knowing or caring where he was going. 

"Here." I said, holding my hand out for Sam to take and I helped him up. 

"Thanks. So, you guys aren't as evil as I thought... What's up with that?" He asked me with a quirk of his enormous eyebrows. 

"Well... You'll see." I said. 

He frowned but nodded. "Dean just ran off not knowing anything, didn't he?" He asked with a small sigh. 

"Yep!" I answered cheerfully. 

"There's some sort of big, evil creature here isn't there?" Sam asked, putting the pieces of the puzzle together quickly. 


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