King Crowley of Hell's Daughter

When the Winchester Boys are taken to the King of Hell's castle (after they released Crowley to take on Abadan) by Crowley's own daughter, what will ensue?

*set during the ending of the current season--Season Nine--of Supernatural. Will go into Season Ten quickly.*

Rated for language.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


5. Killing a Vampire

"Don't get any blood on the table." Dad said with a shrug as he slowly turned towards Dean with a murderous glare. "Now, to you, Squirrel..." 

I smirked and advanced on the Original, fire dancing around me rhythmically. He backed away in fear, staring at me with his hands up as if he were surrendering. 

"Now, now. We both know that you're not leaving here alive." I sneered at him.

He blanched and stared at me with round eyes.

Smirking, I threw the entirity of my fire at him. He burned to a crisp in front of my eyes. "Try and get the upper hand in my Kingdom." I scoffed, walking away from his ashes. 

I turned around to see my father holding both Winchesters up against the wall. He was standing in front of Squirrel with a death glare on his face.

"Hes dead, my King." I said when I came to stand next to him on his left side.

"This one isn't." Dad said, clenching his left fist, forcing the air out of Dean's lungs. 

"Daddy," I said, laying my right hand on his wrist, "he is turning purple. You need to let him go." 

Instead of relaxing like I hoped Dad would, he became angrier and whilred on me, letting Moose slip down, and striking me across the fave with his right hand. I fell down and clutched my cheek. Taking my hand away from it, I saw the scarlet, wet, warm, sticky fluid covering my palm. 

I was shocked to he honest. Dad was rarely violent around me, let alone TO me. I wasn't angry like I would've been if it had been anyone else. No, I was sad and hurt. I had tears forming in my eyes, threatening to spill.

"Why are YOU PROTECTING HIM?! IS WHAT HE SAID TRUE?! DID HE CLAIM YOU AS HIS??!!!" My father was in my face now, the boys seemingly forgotten all about. 

I shook my head and whimpered.

Daddy didn't like that, he smacked me across the face again. "ANSWER ME! IF HE TOUCHED YOU, I'LL RIP HIS THROAT OUT!"

"Daddy, please..." I began, but before I could finish, the tears broke over the dam of my eyelids and streamed down my face.

He smacked me again. And I had just about enough of it. Who did he think he was?! I am a Cambion! The fiercest creature to ever LIVE! And he was just pushing me around like I was nothing! H-ll to the NO!

I stood up, tears forgotten about and raised my arms over my head, my eyes turning to the strange red they always are. "You dare attack me?!" I growled out, pushing him back with my powers into the wall behind him that was half a football field away from us. "I am your daughter and your superior. You will do well to remember this, Crowley." I spat at him. 

"What, is that all the b-tch has for her daddy?" Dad said mockingly.

I stopped walking to Dean and slowly spoke to him, "Until you fix yourself, Daddy dearest, I'm not your daughter. Burn in Hell." and I continued on my way to Dean, hoping I wouldn't have to call my uncle for him.


**Yeah, sorry, this is a really short chapter, but a really profound one for the story line. I know I haven't updated in like forever, and I'm really sorry about it. I've been trying to write a zillion things so I can get caught up. But, watch out for the next chapter! A ton of crap is going to happen. 

We're going to meet the mysterious uncle who gave Evelyn her Cerebrus, and we'll learn why she'd have to call her uncle in order to help Dean out.:)

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