King Crowley of Hell's Daughter

When the Winchester Boys are taken to the King of Hell's castle (after they released Crowley to take on Abadan) by Crowley's own daughter, what will ensue?

*set during the ending of the current season--Season Nine--of Supernatural. Will go into Season Ten quickly.*

Rated for language.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


2. Evelyn Crowley, Princess of Hell

"Dean?" Sammy was awake. 

"Sammy!" Dean was worried. 

"Where are we?" Sam asked, rolling his eyes. 

I smirked. Watching them ponder everything was quite satisfying. 

"No clue. Can you move?"


"Were you tied?"

"Not that I know of."

"Untie my hands will you?"

"Hold on."

"Hurry up!" Dean growled. 

Odd, I've never heard a human growl before. 

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? A Moose and a Lion. Are the two little animals caged?" Dad laughed as the lights turned on and flooded their little cell. 

"Crowley!" Sam said aghast. 

"Who did you think it would be?" Dad smirked. 

"You! You need to let us go!" Dean demanded. 

"Oh? Do I? I do t think I do. Do I, poppet?" He asked, turning to me.

I stepped into the light with a grin upon my face. "I don't think so, my King."

"Crowley..!" Dean growled out again, but this time with an unspoken warning. 

"Yes?" I said, stepping up to him. 

"You're not him, get out of the way from me shoving this knife....this knife...Sammy?! Did you take the knife?!" Dean said as he patted himself down and took off his jacket. 

"No. You had it." Sam answered with a slightly higher voice. 

"Do you mean this knife?" Daddy asked, pulling the knife from my hip where it was strapped. 

"I wanted to do that!" I growled at him in Latin. 

"Beat you to it." He shrugged, also in Latin. 

Sam and Dean looked between each other and started to take in the cell and dungeon, looking for an escape route. 

"Fine. But they're looking for a weak spot." I snapped in English. 

The boys stiffened, and turned back to me. 

"What? Surprised, boys?"

"A little, yeah." Sam said. Dean punched him on the arm. 

"Whatever. Daddy, if you would continue with your speech." I said motioning for my father to continue to speak and rant and do what he does best. 

The looks on their faces were priceless. Dean and Sam both backed away, looking between themselves and us. I laughed. And I'm sure it sounded evil. 

"Evelyn!" Dad growled. 

"Sorry, I wasn't allowed to bring out the knife because you "beat me to it". So, I took the liberty of beating you to that." I laughed. 

"Good girl." Dad said. 

I was confused. Was this his plan the whole time? To make me reveal who I am to these idiot hunters? 

"Riiiigghhhttt..." Sam said. 


"Yes, Squirrel."

Sam was laughing at the new pet name for Dean. "Shut up, Sam!"

I laughed at that. Dad whirled on me, his eyes going black. I stopped, making my own eyes go a deep scarlet red. My demon eye colour changed from the regular one because of my origin. I wasn't even a Cross Roads Demon. I was an oddity.

"What the h-ll?!" Sam said, moving closer to me, looking deeply at my eyes. 

I quit first, looking away from Dad. 

"Dean! Her eyes!" 

"She's a demon, they're black."

"No! They're not. They're red!"


"Do you remember what Dad and Bobby wrote about demons with those eyes?" Sam asked Dean. 

"It's a myth. Not true. Fake. Fictional." Dean said. 

"But what if it's true?! Kronos was a myth, and look what happened there." Sam said back with an air of superiority. 

"It could be real, but Crowley shacking up with a human willingly and then her popping a baby out just like that? It's CROWLEY, Sam. Didn't happen."

Dad looked angry. "Do you really think I'm that heartless? That demonic? That it couldn't be possible for me to fall for a human and the result be Evelyn?" 

"Come on, Crowley! You're the freaking King of Hell! Do you really think we'd believe that you played house with a friggin human?!" Dean barked out with a sharp laugh. 

"Yes, I do expect you to believe that." I said, stepping as close as I could get to the hunters. "Because it's true."

The Winchesters breathed in sharply. 

Dad looked at me aghast, shocked that I would divulge my most precious secret to these hunters. That I'd lower myself to below their standards. That I'd open the door for their ridicule. 

But I wasn't doing any of that. I was simply showing how strong I was. I was showing them that not all demons are evil. Some are good, like Dad and I. 

But, I'm sure Dad didn't see it that way. 

It was too late now, being as I had just told them our secret. And they looked ready to pee their pants, scream like a girl, hit their heads on the wall, or run around like a demon with its head cut off. 

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