King Crowley of Hell's Daughter

When the Winchester Boys are taken to the King of Hell's castle (after they released Crowley to take on Abadan) by Crowley's own daughter, what will ensue?

*set during the ending of the current season--Season Nine--of Supernatural. Will go into Season Ten quickly.*

Rated for language.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. Crowley, King of Hell

I growled in frustration. I was being woken up in the early morning again as my father called to me. 

My blood was rolling and I do mean literally. That's what happens when you're called upon by the Blood Calling. And that happens when your Dad is Crowley. The Bloody King of Hell. 

That's right, I'm Evelyn Crowley. I'm a half demon, half human. My father fell for a mortal and it was surprisingly romantic. That is, until Abadan killed my mother. I've been living with Dad my whole life. But, I'd see Mum every now and then. I've harnessed all my demonic powers. Which is...a lot. But it took me twenty-two years to do it since I was three. 

"What?!" I snapped after I slit my hand and poured my blood into a crystal bowl next to my bed. 

"Don't take that tone with me, love." His gravelly voice croaked out in Latin. 

I took the hint. He can't speak freely. 

"Of course, Father. I apologize. How can I be of assistance?" I responded with love and affection. 

I could feel his smile broaden. "You see, I need you to lock on to my location and meet me here immediately. And I need you to hurry."

"Yes." I answered in English. So anyone who was listening in could here me. "I understand, my Lord."

"Hurry, wench!" Dad said reluctantly also in English.

And then the line went dead. 

I had located him as soon as he had told me to. I went to him. 

"I'm hheeerrreeee!!" I sang as I popped into existence in front of my dad. But he was in a Devil's Trap. And now, so was I. 

And I sensed them before they could do anything. I smirked as I rounded on them. They just stood there, obviously satisfied that I couldn't escape. 

How wrong they were. Because, you see I wasn't a possessed human. Now, I was a NEW demon. A NEW human. Something hunters only read about in myths. 

So, I simply looked down, feigning annoyance and then called upon only very small part of my powers, just in order to make it look like I was trying to escape. I shook the entire abandoned farmhouse we were in. 

"Sorry to break it to you, but you ain't going to get out of this that easy, sweetheart." The shorter one with the short hair said with a smile. 

I spoke Latin to them, making it seem like I don't understand much English. And the taller one with the longer hair started to flip through a large book of incantations. Trying to find what I was saying. 

But he wasn't going to. I had just said, "I hate fish tacos." 

"Well?!" The shorter one demanded. 

"Dean, it's's not in here!!" The taller one snapped, roughly flipping trough the pages, running a hand through his head of thick, long hair. 

"D-mnit, Sammy! What do you mean it's NOT IN THERE?!" Dean yelled, grabbing the book from Sammy. 

"I mean, Dean that IT'S NOT IN THERE!" Sammy yelled back. 

"But it's got to be in there! The book has EVERYTHING Dad and Bobby ever learned about demons and their incantations!"

"Yeah, well, apparently they haven't come across this one!" 

They were facing each other now, fighting over the book pathetically. 

"You should make your move now." Dad muttered to me in Latin. 

"No bloody dip." I snapped back like wise. 

And I was upon the two hunters. "Would you like some help other that? I could tell you exactly what I said." I whispered to them, looking down at the book. 

They stopped their arguing and turned to me, eyes wide. 

"What the h-ll?!" They chorused out together. 

I smirked when Dean went for my throat, clutching it, trying to harm me. 

"That's not going to work, pretty boy." 

And then he was in a pile against the farthest wall from me. Bleeding from his temple. 

Then Sammy (who's about as big as a moose) came at me, dropping the book to the ground in the rush to get at me.

He threw a punch at my face, but I deflected it. And then I had him in a cross arm breaker, on his knees, kneeling to me. 

"Well, you pathetic human, how does it feel to be in your rightful place? Kneeling to those higher than you." 

"You're lower than us. Don't forget that, you b--ch!" He spat at me. 

I glared at him, he's HUMAN! He shouldn't be calling ME low! Demons tried that, and I killed them all. 

I threw him against the opposite wall that Dean was crumpled on. 

"Say that again!" I roared. 

"You're LOW!"

I kicked him in his gut and pushed my heeled boot against his face. "I'm not the one on the ground."

"EVELYN!" My father yelled. 

I left Sammy and with a flick of my wrist the Devil's Trap was broken. 

"Let's go, sweetie. Moose and Dean are going to need time to recover before our next...meeting." He drawled in English as he strolled up to me. 

I wasn't always the obedient little girl that I appeared to be. I growled, not ready to leave just yet. 

"Evelyn..." He warned. 

"Moose boy called me LOW! Does he not know what I can do to him?! What I've DONE to those DEMONS?! I am the bloody PRINCESS OF HELL!"

"Yes, well the Winchester boys aren't exactly the sharpest of them all, love. Now, let's go."

"Not without them."

"You want to take them hostage?" He inquired thoughtfully. 

"No, I want to torture them. Teach them some manners. And then let them go. And well deal with them again at a later date."


I smirked and using my powers, I bound them and gagged them. That being done, I transported the Winchester boys to my home. 

And then we vanished. 

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