Protect Me ♥


1. Protect Me ♥

 He shushes her as they run through the dark streets, footsteps silent. The girl grips his arm, completely camouflaged against the brick walls, by the shadows that hide her up to her neck. Everything is made from brick. He red hair hides her even better. That’s his most obvious weakness; his blonde hair stands out against everything.

 “Niall,” she whispers, almost desperately. “Niall, it doesn’t feel right. Something’s wrong.” They keep running, nonetheless, rounding corners without a second thought.

 “Kylie, please. Just keep going. It’s our only choice.” He takes her hand and drags her. “Hurry up.”

 “Niall, we have to stop!” She almost says it out loud. He does, and flattens himself against the wall. Something flies past, small and blurred.

 They cover their mouths to stop the white clouds of breath showing in the chill winter air. Niall tightens his grip on her arm and flings her to the ground. She doesn’t have time to scream before he’s on top of her and the grenade goes off.

The war has officially started.

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