Takes place in Canada. Scarborough, Markham, and Brampton are made into one. In this new city, there are important rules you have to follow.
1. gay/transgender live separately.
2. The poor's education depends n their looks meaning if they're beautiful they get to study, but only with something in return. The not good looks have to work at the coal.
3. This society values education a lot. The jobs that you choose has to be chose carefully or else you're in great danger.

There's a girl named Veronica Mathew who's 14 and loves to write, but dance the most. Her family is average, so she's able to go to school. Veronica is well... beautiful. All men would wake up early just to see her, but what would happen when the society finds out Veronica's secret?


1. Prologue

After breakfast, I dance.

My mother smiles affectionately, my father ruffles my hair, and my brother rolls his eyes. They don’t really try to stop me, because they’re used to it. Wake up, eat, and dance before I go to school. I’m not sure why I do this. Dancing is just what I am. It’s all I’ll ever be.

Dancing’s not much help now. Can’t even eat or sleep. Work. Work is everything now. Every hour, every minute, every second is dedicated to work. I had once lived in an average family. A happy and cozy home with wonderful meals with my family. Going on picnics and teasing my brother. It was a wonderful life… before the truth came out.


Everything else was a blur. I was kicked out of my home. Not by my parents, but by the society. Now I’m living all by myself at the age 16. I’m working at the coals with the rest of the people my age. No more education. No more family. No more love. Only work.

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