All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


5. Unexpected


1 week later


Evellyn's P.O.V


Justin was all that i kept thinking about, memories about last week started flooding thought my head. I can't stop loving him even if I tried and to make things worse people are spreading rumors about me and Austin that we should go out but I don't see him like That in that way. "Evellyn you coming" I looked up at Miley and nodded, I got up from my bed and we got out of my house and got in my car. Me and Miley are suppose to go hang out at the mall and go shop. I drove to the mall and we stayed quite the whole way. I stayed focus onto the road and parked in the malls parking lot. "Were here" I said and we both got off, I locked my car and we got in the mall. I walked into Target with Miley, "I'm going to the restroom really fast" Miley whined. "Ok hurry I'll be somewhere here" she giggled and she ran to the restrooms. I walked down the aisle's just looking around for the bikini section but I couldn't find it. I sighed and turned around and bumped into someone and almost fell but the person catched me.



Justin's P.O.V


I was in target buying some stuff and just cruising around and a girl bumped into me and almost fell but I catched her. "Hey hey be careful there Beautiful" she looked at me and there she was Evellyn the girl that I loved the most was right in front of me. Her eyes got big "Justin" she said, and I smiled, she hugged me and I hugged her back. "I missed you soo much Gorgeous" I hugged her tighter, "Missed you too" she let go of the hug and she smiled. "You look soo..." My eyes wandered down her body and she coughed, "My eyes are up here" I quickly turned to face her and she smiled. "You look different but I like it", "Thanks" she said and I smiled. " look Evellyn I still Lo ..." I was cut off.



Evellyn's P.O.V


Justin he's finally there in front of me. "Wow" me and justin turned and we saw Miley freaking out, "How did.." She stuttered. "I'll tell you later" I said and she nodded, "Well what are you guys doing here and can I cruise with you guys please I haven't seen you Evellyn in a long time" he did a puppy dog face, "Sure but we are going to Victoria secret so yeah" Miley looked at justin and I giggled. "Hmm Victoria secret sure" I rolled my eyes playfully and he chuckled and we left to Victoria secret. We got in the store and Justin stayed close to me, I went to the bikini section and was looking through the bikinis and justin stayed next to me. I picked one up but didn't like it then I put it back down. I kept searching through the bikinis. Justin coughed and I turned to look at him, he was holding a black bikini that exposed a lot. "This would look so fucking sexy on you" he winked and I stared at him and he licked his lips. "Justin" he smiled, "Here I got you one" he handed it to me. "Get it or else I'll get It for you" I rolled my eyes and sighed, "fine" I took the bikini and paid it and me justin and Miley walked out of the store. "What did you get Evellyn" Miley looked at the bag then at me, "Ask justin" she turned to look at justin and he chuckled. "Secret" he winked at me and Miley gasped. "Do you guys want something to eat" I looked at justin and Miley and they nodded, we sat In a table at the mall and I put down the bags down " I'll be right back I'm going to go get some food" I started walking and justin catched up to me. "Going to" he said, we walked to mcdonalds and we ordered and paid and took the food. "Evellyn look I'm really sorry for hurting you I truly am and hate myself for doing that can you forgive me" I stopped walking, "Justin I've told you I forgive you" he looked into my eyes. "I still love you Evellyn, I never stopped and I wont, look can you give me a ..", "Justin I can't love right now I need time to think before I go back to a relationship and I still love you too" he smiled. "I'll show you that I really love you" I half smiled and we got to our table and we gave Miley her food and we all started eating.



Justin's P.O.V


Evellyn still loves me. I couldn't stop smiling. "Do you guys need a ride home" I said and they shook their heads no. "It's ok we have a car" Evellyn giggled, god how much I missed her giggles and everything about her. "Well we have to go" Evellyn said and I nodded. "Ok bye Evellyn" I hugged her then Miley. "Bye" they both said at the same time then walked away. I left and went home and couldn't stop smiling. She still loves me.

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