All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


20. TMZ

Evellyn's P.O.V

"Justin bieber recently turned 23 years old and it seems like him and his Girlfriend Evellyn Carter had fun on the night of his birthday. The two love birds attended a Club late at night and paparazzi got a close shot of them two check it out."

*it showed a picture of me and Justin in the dance floor and when I was sitting in his lap and he was whispering stuff in my ear*

"Well the couple is very young and tell us what you think and let us know if they had way too much fun"

I turned off the t.v and laid in my couch. Justin was at a meeting and I was at my house being lazy, I took off the bracelet that Justin gave me for our friend ship and I stared at my tattoo. I touched the angel wings on my wrist . "Stay focus" I whispered to myself, I put my bracelet back on and looked at the gun on the table. I carefully picked it up and hid it in my kitchen counter.

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