All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


9. Secret told

1 week later

Evellyn's P.O.V

I woke up and took a shower and changed and got a message from Justin

Good morning Beautiful (: I missed you next to me. I love you

I smiled and texted him back

Baby I missed you too and Good morning 💘

I put my phone in my pocket and I went downstairs to make breakfast. I opened my cabinets and didn't see any food. I sighed and grabbed my car keys and purse and walked out of my house. I got in my car and started it and drove off. I drove to the Fresh market down the street and parked my car. I got in the store and grabbed a cart. I grabbed some fruit and milk and other stuff. I felt like someone was staring at me. Although I hope no one noticed me because I was wearing an oversized sweater and a dark shades. I wasn't wearing any makeup. I got I. Line to pay and waited. I looked at the magazines in the stand and they were all about me and justin every cover. "Miss your turn" I turned to look at the lady and nodded. She scanned all the stuff. "68.40 is your total" I took out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to her. "Your change is 36.60" she handed me the money.

Ladie's P.O.V

"Keep the change" she said, I smiled and so did she. The smile is so familiar but I couldn't recognize it. "Thank you", "your welcome" she grabbed her bags and walked out of the store and paparazzi were taking pictures of her. I gasped Evellyn Carter, I just what. This can't be. I covered my mouth and wanted to scream but I held it in.

Evellyn's P.O.V

I walked out of the store and paparazzi were attacking me with pictures. I panicked and walked faster to my car, "Evellyn are you and justin broken up" I ignored them and put my bags in my car. I ran to my door and turned around and saw the same guy that I saw in the airport. He stared at me and only me. His eyes locked into me. I got in my car and started it and left. I got to my house and dropped the grocery bags on my counter. I ran my hands through my hair and took a deep breath in and out. I have to focus and concentrate my anxiety is coming back. I dropped down to my legs and my breathing was going faster and so was my heart beat. Don't break down Evellyn. "Justin needs you" i said softly.


Justin's P.O.V

I got to my apartment exhausted from recording all day, I turned on the t.v in my room and sat in the bed. I miss Evellyn soo much, I want her next to me. "Miss Carter was spotted today going grocery shopping today when paparazzi spotted her and took some pictures of her" they showed a picture of Evellyn walking out of the store. Aww my baby I miss her soo much. Scooter walked in and looked at the t.v screen. "Paparazzi also took a couple of shots of her without her knowing on the day she was at the airport to say good bye to her boyfriend. She was in justin bieber's car" they showed a picture of her in my car. "What" scooter yelled, "what is it" I said. "Did you see that Justin" scooters voice got higher. "Which" I almost yelled, "look" he rewinded it back to where Evellyn was in my car And he paused it there. "Look carefully at the picture in the background" I looked and saw a guy standing there just staring into my car and Evellyn. "It's just a guy" I said, scooter grabbed the controller again and put it back where Evellyn was getting out of the store. "Hes's there again and he's not getting in the store but he's just standing in the parking lot staring at her" scooter looked at me. I stared at the pictures and noticed the guy was staring at Evellyn and it made me mad. "The guy is just stalking Evellyn he's gonna hurt her" I yelled. "Justin we don't know that" scooter said, "I'm worried about her I just want her in my arms" I ran my hands in my hair and screamed. "Justin I'll call JT to send a security to watch over her to make sure nothing happens to her", "I need to call her and make sure she knows" I got out my phone and scooter stopped me. "Don't justin your gonna make her get scared she can't get her anxie..." He stopped, "Her what" I said. "Did I just hear you, say her Anxiety" I looked at scooter and his eyes got big. "Scooter" I said and he sighed. "I think it's time you should know, look justin , Evellyn suffers through anxiety she once in a while gets anxiety attacks and one day when she went away for a year do you remember" scooter looked at me and I nodded. "Well I remember JT called me and at the time and he told me that they were in, Paris and she and Edwin went out to eat and he said that she saw you but you didn't see her because she was disguised and she got really sad and she left the restraunt with Edwin and Jt said that you guys stared at each other and she panicked and ran to Edwin" scooter paused, I tried remembering what he was telling me. Then it hit me. The night when I was with selena and my eyes got locked on a women with short black hair. That was Evellyn. "Her and Edwin went back to the hotel and he left Evellyn she started getting dizzy and she fell to the floor and was unconscious for 15 min" my eyes were getting teared up while scooter was telling me. "Jt walked into her room to make sure she was alright but she wasn't breathing, he took her with Sammy to the hospital and they took her into the emergency room, they waited there the whole night and the doctor finally came out and told them what was wrong and Jt told me that she almost died if he never came into her room she would've been dead. The doctor also said..." He paused and didnt say anything. "Scooter what did he say" I wanted to know soo bad. "Justin,...the doctor said one day she might not live" those words made me get sick. A tear slipped out of my eye. Evellyn I said softly. More tears fell out of my eye dropping to the floor. "I need to protect her" I said. scooter sighed. "You can't tell her. Good night" he walked out and I cried more. I don't know what I'll do if Evellyn died. I'll die for her. I took out my lap a top and face timed Evellyn. I have to make sure she is alright. She picked up and she was laying on her bed. I wiped my tears and smiled. "Hey baby" I said, " Hi Justin" she looked frightened. "How are you" I asked, "good. How about you?". "I'm alright" I can't let her know that I'm not. "I miss you" she looked down, "I miss you too Beautiful and I already want to see you and hug you and kiss you" she half smiled. "I want to be next to you were I'll feel safe". "Evellyn I'll try to work harder so I can see you and hold you sooner" there was silence. "Do your best work justin I want to see you succeed" she smiled. "Thanks baby", "your welcome". I knew that she was broken down. A tear slipped and I wiped it. "Justin don't cry I'm right here" she said softly, "but not next to me, Evellyn I miss you soo much". "Justin I know but we can make it just 3 weeks and you look very tired get some sleep" I shook my head no. "No don't hang up" I said. she sighed "Go to sleep but don't hang up I'll make sure you fall asleep I love you", "I love you too" I whispered. I laid the laptop next to me and I put the covers over me and closed my eyes. I heard her angelic voice singing softly.

Evellyn's P.O.V

I sang to justin softly and he fell asleep. I called pattie to turn off his laptop and she agreed, I looked in the computer screen and she came in. She picked up the laptop and she saw me and smiled. I smiled back. "Pattie I need to tell you something but in private" she nodded and took the laptop outside. "What is it sweetie", "Pattie I'm getting anxiety again and I can't control it I'm scared I called Jt and he suggested I go to the doctor and I'm going tomorrow morning but don't tell justin please I need him to stay focus, I'll call you tomorrow and tell you what happens", pattie was frightened by the look on her face. "Aww sweetie, be careful and stay strong and I won't tell justin I promise and Evellyn I'm worried about you" I wanted to break down crying but I have to stay strong. "Pattie I know and it's really hard for me to concentrate because justin already knows that I suffer from anxiety scooter told me that he told him and I don't want him to panic I want him to focus on his music, Pattie I don't think I'm going to make it" tears were forming in her eyes. "Evellyn no stay strong please for me everyone and especially justin he needs you" I looked down. "I need him too, but I don't know I don't want to see him suffer because I'm suffering. I want him to be happy that's all I want I love him" pattie had tears in her eyes. "Your his happiness sweetie and I hate seeing him suffer too", "Pattie I'll talk to you later, get some rest". She nodded, "goodnight Evellyn", "Good night pattie" the line went dead and I shut my lap top off and I laid in my bed crying. "Justin" I said.

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