All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


6. Second Chance?

No One's P.O.V

He walked into his apartment and he turned on the T.V and then walked to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer out of fridge. He walked back to the living room and sat down at the couch and flipped through the channels. He opened his bottle of beer and he took a sip of it. His attention got caught to the t.v, he licked his lips and his left hand gripped on the bottle of beer. "Justin Bieber seems to never leave Evellyn's side, Papparazi caught Justin Bieber and Evellyn Carter at the mall in target and sources say they didn't know they were there and they bumped into each other and it was a surprise, they talked and hugged and they also went in Victoria secret and They walked out and Evellyn had a bag. Could they be back together?" He threw his bottle of beer at the t.v and his left arm was bleeding. He stood up and picked up his cell phone and dialed a number.

Evellyn's P.O.V

"So what's up with you and Justin I saw the news" Pattie shrieked, "Uhmm nothing we just bumped into each other at the mall and it was pretty unexpected" I sighed. "Just bumped into each other Evellyn I saw the news and the pictures you guys looked soo in love" I bit my lip. "Pattie I don't think I can love justin again as I did before and if so it's going to take a really long time to trust him and for my heart to see him like that in that way" there was a pause. "Sweetie I know I don't blame you but I know true love when I saw the picture of you and justin I knew there is still sparks and love there" i thought for a second "Just think about it well I have to go sweetie bye", "Bye" I hanged up the phone and layed on my bed. My phone started ringing and I looked at the called id and it was an unknown number. I curiously picked it up, "Hello" I stuttered. "Evellyn is this you" I stayed quite because I could recognize the voice, "Yes" I said. "Evellyn I want to talk to you" Justin's voice filled the room. "We are talking" he chuckled, "I mean In person" I decided and agreed to it. "Sure where", "My house can you I can pick you up" he sounded nervous. "Yes I can I'll be there in 5" I said "Ok then I'll see you then bye" , "Bye" I hanged up and got up from my bed and sprayed some perfume and grabbed my phone and walked out of my house. I got in my car and drove to Justin's house. When I got there I knocked on his door and he opened it. He smiled "Come in" I smiled and nodded and walked in. I looked around his house and every thing was still the same just more dark and everything was quite. He walked to the living room and sat in the couch and I followed him. "Evellyn I love you and miss you soo much" I looked down and then looked back at him. I stayed quite and didn't say a word. "Look Evellyn I feel really terrible what I did to you everytime I close my eyes it haunts me and everyday it reminds me that no matter what I will always love you" I sighed, "Justin I've already told you I'm not ready and I can't trust you or anyone anymore please understand you broke my trust and it's going to take a long time to earn it back, Almost the whole world wants us back but I don't think I.." He cut me off. "Evellyn I'm really sorry but I can't go another day without you being mine, I wake up everyday feeling terrified that you are not next to me in the morning like how it used to be you cuddled up next to me and we'd kiss and you would be the first thing I saw and all those times, Evellyn I can't stand to see you with another guy I just can't and when I do no that I'll die because there is no point of living if I can't have the love of my life I really need you" he looked into my eyes and I can tell he was frightened and scared, I got lost in them for a few seconds. "Justin we are the past now you broke up with me 7 months ago just let it go please that was a long time ago, you seem perfectly fine without me and I just want to see the best of you, I want you to be happy with another person I want you to love that person more than you loved me I want you to make her feel loved and kiss her and be happy, I want you to forget about me and love her with all your heart and make her the happiest girl on earth to care of her when she gets hurt and sad I want you to be by her side and never let her go, I just want you to start a family with the person you'll love the most and have beautiful kids and live happily ever after and forget the past because you live in the present and the past already past and you can't change it, but you know what justin I really loved you but it doesn't matter if I still do but I always thought you would be the one I thought you were different but it turned out the way I didn't expect it but god has better plans for you he has a special person saved for you and don't worry i might not be the one but know you will be happy and it doesn't bother me that you love someone else because you'll be happy and that is all that matters to me" I weakly smiled at him and he stayed quite for a few seconds "Evellyn I don't want any of that I only want I be with you and the more I try to forget you the more I find the reasons to be with you, I know our love still exists deep down and I can't imagine I .." I cut him off. "Justin you'll move on and you'll get married and have kids and love the person until death and maybe I will too one day but even though we are not together doesn't mean we can't still be friends" a tear slipped down my cheek and I wiped it really fast. I looked down and he lifted up my chin. "Evellyn I only love you and it will always be like that no matter what because I know that you are the one, but I understand, I love you soo much but just to make you happy I'll let you go I want to see you smile again I hate to see you broken and knowing I'm the reason why so I guess it's done I'll let you love your life and I'll let you love someone else but I know it will be hard but just to see you smile I'm willing to do that but I will always love you and I won't ever love anyone as I love you" his eyes were getting reared up. "Stop justin im never going to be happy and as much as I want to I can't .. I can't keep living like this I can't pretend like I don't love you because I still do but I'm scared justin scared to get hurt again but I can't love you anymore" he touched my cheek and he gently tucked a piece of hair back. "Evellyn I know our love still exists and I am willing to fight for it you'll see because I can't move on with another person your the one I only want please understand think about it and if you want to let us go just tell me and I'll let go I'll try to stop loving you and we can both move on our different ways" I closed my eyes for a few second holding back the tears. "I'll see you later justin" I got up and so did he and I hugged him for a really long time I didn't want to let go but I did. "Bye" he said and he kissed my cheek and I smiled and started walking out the door. "Wait" he called I stopped and turned around. "Where are you going to do and be today" he half smiled, "Uhmm it's berly 9 am so I'm going home and get ready because I have to go to an interview down the park at 3 and after that I'm just going to Hang out with some fans and just walk around there why?" I raised my eyebrow and he chuckled, "Just cause and you look beautiful already you don't need to get ready" he winked "Thanks but I kinda have to look presentable" I smiled and walked out of his house and I got in my car and drove to my house. I got in my room and went straight to my closet and grabbed an outfit and changed since I had already token a shower early in the morning. I put on a flowery black and white crop top and a short washed high waisted skirt and some high heels. I put on mascara and did a wing and did messy curls. I took out my phone and took a mirror photo showing my whole outfit. I put it on instagram and caption it as: Boy Can't forget you always on my mind can't let go

I got a lot if likes and comments I turned off my phone and left my house. I got in my car and justin was literally on my mind the whole car ride.


"I love you Evellyn" he kissed my cheek and I smiled. "Love you too bieber" he hugged my waist and planted kisses on my cheek. "Your so beautiful babe" I giggled and he carried me bridal style, I looked into his eyes and go lost in them immediately. He leaned in and we kissed and he layed me down and we both broke the kiss and we both smiled.

End of flash back

I can't let go and I can't stop loving justin I need him. I wanted to cry but I had to stay strong. I drove to the park were the interview was gonna be. I got out of my car and walked to the park there were a lot of fans waiting for me but security was pulling them to the side the park was packed with people. As I walked someone tapped my shoulder I turned around and saw pattie. "Hey Evellyn" I smiled, "Hi Pattie" we hugged. "What are you doing here" I said surprised, "I got a request from someone to come" I was confused, she smiled and walked away. I ignored it and walked to the interview. I waved to some fans and signed autographs. "Evellyn change of plans the interview starts In 2 min" the interviewer sat down in the chair and I sat in the one next to his. "And we are on in 5..4..3..2.. And go" the camera man said. "Ok so we are here with the amazing Evellyn Carter and we are going to interview her so how are you doing ms. Carter" he looked at me and I said "Very good and I have one question what's with all the t.vs" there were t.vs almost everywhere, the interviewer laughed "You'll find out soon soo recently you've changed your appearance and so how is that let's just say you are killing it and everyone is loving it" I smiled "Well yeah I decided to get a new look you know fresh start and yeah", "He's looking for your love" he smiled and I was really confused. The interviewer didn't say anything and all the t.vs turned on. And there he was walking towards me

"So girl, You just be honest with me, I know we can make this work I love you" he looked down then back at me and all the fans screamed.

"I know that you afraid, babe, But you don't need to be saved, babe,You just need someone who understands, And I think I need the same, babe" he was right in front of me he stared at me and I got lost into his eyes.

"Show me where you at, let's keep it honest, Home is where you at and that's a promise, Open up and never keep it from us, Nothing left between us, baby, nothing" he grabbed my hand and he kissed it. I smiled weakly.

"Tell me what you want, let's keep it gangsta,Tell me who created you, I'd thank her,Open up and never keep it from us, Nothing left between us, baby" all the t.vs in the back turned to a photo of me and justin. "Come with me" he whispered softly, I got up from my chair and he started singing again.

"Hopefully you'll give me a chance, All I want is love and romance, I wanna give it all, give it all to you,I wanna dream what you dream, Go where you're going" he pulled me close to him and he was breathing in my neck while he sang.

"I only have one life, And I only wanna live it with you, I wanna sleep where you sleep, Connect with your soul, The only thing I want in life, I only wanna live it with you, Oh yeah, oh yeah, I only wanna live it with you, Only wanna live it with you. Tell me what you want, I can't believe it. I know that if we make it there's a reason, Sometimes the sun shines, baby, Sometimes the ... ain't breezy" he wrapped his hand around my waist and I felt like we were the only ones in the park.

"I hope that maybe this time it may be different, I told you I'm a make it, that commitment. Yeah, you took your shot and didn't miss it, Ain't nothing more attractive than ambition" he looked at me and his eyes were getting teared up.

"Hopefully you'll give me a chance, All I want is love and romance, I wanna give it all, give it all to you, I wanna dream what you dream, Go where you're going, I only have one life, And I only wanna live it with you, I wanna sleep where you sleep, Connect with your soul, The only thing I want in life I only wanna live it with you, Oh yeah, oh yeah I only wanna live it with you Only wanna live it with you" he opened his jacket and took out a rose, and he handed me the rose.

"If I came to your crib would you open the door?, I don't wanna go down that road no more, Said you wanted it bad, but girl I wanted it more,You're the only one I wanna be with, yeah, yeah" a tear slipped down my cheek and he wiped it with his finger and he pulled me into a hug and I buried my face into his chest.

"I wanna dream what you dream, Go where you're going, I only have one life,And I only wanna live it with you, I wanna sleep where you sleep, Connect with your soul, The only thing I want in life, I only wanna live it with you, Oh yeah, oh yeah, I only wanna live it with you Only wanna live it with you" we both let go of the hug and everyone had their eyes on us. "Evellyn I am really sorry what is did to you and hopefully you give me another chance and I know I am not good enough for you but I'm going to spend my whole life that I love you and that I am" I looked at him and his eyes were filled with hope, I looked down and he sighed. "I'm sorry I hurt you" he turned around and started walking away, "Justin" I said softly and he didn't turn around and he was almost in his car. I took off my high heels and carried them in my hand and in the other the rose and I ran to him, "Justin wait" I screamed and he turned around I hugged him. "You didn't let me speak" I looked at him and let go of the hug "I'll give you a second chance" his face changed and a big smile spread across his face. He lifted me up and he planted a kiss on my cheek, "I love you" he said "I love you too" everyone cheered and he kissed me passionately and I kissed back. We both let go for air and he put me down and pulled me close, "I've missed your lips and kisses soo much" I giggled. "I would say the same for you" he smiled and then looked down at my feet. "Why are you bare foot", "To chase after you" I said and he smiled cheekily. "Babe your gonna get hurt" he grabbed my high heels from my hand and he lifted me up and sat me on top of his car, "here" he started putting them on and then hep helped me get down. He intertwined our hands together and we walked back down the park. The interviewer and his camera crew ran to us, "Justin, Evellyn are you guys back together" justin looked at me and smiled then kissed my cheek "Does it look like" the camera man nodded, "Then you got it". "Are you guys happy and do..." Justin cut him off "I love you guys all and thank you" justin waved at the fans and we walked away. "Thank you Evellyn" , "for what" we stopped walking and he stared at me "For giving me another chance"

Justin's P.O.V

"I can't give up on our love I just love you soo much and I realized it" she hugged me and I hugged her tighter. "My love for you is endless" I kissed the top of her head. "Justin Evellyn" we turned around and my mom, scooter and Jt were there. "Finally back together well I'm very glad" scooter said, "Yeah and I won't let go" Evellyn smiled at me."justin I'm very proud of you, you fought for the love you believed in and thanks to Evellyn she is the one" my mom hugged us. "I'm glad it's justin" Evellyn said. "True love never dies" Jt said. "

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