All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


2. Moving On

3 Months Later since the Breakup

January 20, 2014

Justin's P.O.V

"Today we caught some juicy news about Justin's formal ex girlfriend Evellyn Carter, one of the producers that work with ms. Carter informed that Evellyn is going to release a music video with a Mysterious guy possibly the Next boyfriend for ms.Carter and they also confirmed that a little love scene is going to happen in the music video, well that guy must be really lucky, what do you guys think about this True or False" I felt anger boil up in me and I threw the control at the t.v and it cracked the flat screen. I ran my hands through my hair and tapped my feet nervously, I got up and went in my drawer and took out some weed and rolled a blunt and started smoking it. I felt everything get dizzy and I walked out of my house and got in my car.


Evellyn's P.O.V


"Evellyn you look great let's start shooting" jimmy said and we walked out of the dressing room "Ok so the guy that you are working with to shoot this music video and gonna kiss is Austin Mahone" I stopped walking and he turned to look at me "Is everything alright" I blinked a couple times "Yeah just surprised", "Oh don't worry I heard he's a great kisser and have you met him" I rolled my eyes playfully and bumped into someone. "Sorry" I looked up and it was Austin, He smiled big "Don't worry about it" I half smiled "Well my name is Evellyn. And I'm guessing you already know" he chuckled "Yeah I do because you are most beautiful girl I've ever seen", "Thanks and it's funny how we always bump into each other" I giggled and he stared at me smiling. I looked at jimmy and he was smiling and then he raised his eyebrow. "Ok since you both are here I'm going to tell you what's gonna happen so Evellyn your going to be singing then austin will come and hug you from behind you then .." He told us the rest and I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do all the things he said because I still have feelings for justin, but I still agreed to do it.


🎶 "All those times we talked about how we saved ourselves we planned it all and we find out everything was a lie.."


"Ok that is all for today tomorrow we shoot the 2nd part" jimmy yelled, I grabbed my robe and wrapped it around my self and went in my dressing room and changed into my clothes. I looked in the mirror and stared at myself and closed my eyes, A lot of memories of me and Justin began flooding in my head all the things we did and all the times we kissed. A tear fell and I wiped it. I don't want to keep my heart broken again and I don't want to look at myself and remember all the things justin told me he loved about me. I want to change. Jimmy walked in "Hey Evellyn .. Are you okay" I blinked "Yeah just tired" he nodded and said "Well you did A-M-A-Z-E and be early tomorrow for shooting again ok well lots of kisses mwuah" he blew me a kiss and closed the door. I looked back at the mirror and stared at myself and sighed. I packed my stuff and put on my shades and sweater and covered my face and snuck to the back and got in my car as quickly as I can and drove home fast. The Media hasn't seen me in 3 months since the break up and I don't plan on them seeing me.



Justin's P.O.V


I was with the blonde girl again and I could barely stand up I was too drunk and hight to walk. She got close to me and kissed me a took me a while to escalate and I kissed back, she wrapped her hands around my neck and I grabbed her ass. I pushed her against the wall and she took off her shirt.


January 21, 2014

Justin's P.O.V

I didn't know what happened next because I woke up and she was next to me and the blanket was around her but she was naked and so was I. I got up from the bed and grabbed my clothes and quickly changed. I was shock what did I just do. "Hey" she said "hi" I said softly. "We should go out and hang out I'm just going to do my makeup" she got up and walked into the bathroom. I stayed there shocked of what just happened and tried to jog my memory. 40 min later she came out and her face was packed with makeup "Did you enjoy last night if you want we can go another round" she winked and I blinked. We walked out and paparazzi were there taking pictures, how the hell did they find me. She smiled in the photos and I just got in the car hoping Evellyn doesn't see this later.



Evellyn's P.O.V


I snuck again out of my house without knowing and anyone seeing me. I got to the set and got into hair and makeup and the outfit I had to wear was a tank top and just washed off shorts. I went on the set and Austin was there getting ready in his position. He saw me and smiled and I smiled back. We started shooting and I tried not to look into Austin's eyes I don't want to take a chance of falling in love. "Ok Evellyn wrapp your legs around Austin and Austin carry her up and take her to the couch and lay her there and kiss" I did as jimmy told us to do and he yelled Cut and we got off the set. "Great job guys and that is the end" I was walking into my dressing room until Austjn called my name. "Evellyn wait" I stopped and my dressing room was opened and I stood at the door, "Uhmm I was wondering if you want to go get some ice cream or something" I bit my lip nervously. "I don't know Austin I can't have the media see.." I was cut off by the t.v that was playing In my dressing room.


Women: today what appeared to be justin and a mysterious blonde girl together. Today in the morning justin and the girl were leaving her house and a source says justin was there yesterday night late at night and the neighbors heard strange noises from the house they were in at 3 in the morning, Could This mean justin found a New girl and has moved on from Evellyn? Is This girl better than Evellyn? And the last question Did justin and that girl have it last night?


Tears were forming in my eye and Austin touched my shoulder "Are you alright Ev" Justin was the only one who called me that. "Yeah I just need to be alone but thanks for caring" I weakly smiled and he sighed. "If you need anything here's my number just call me whenever you want and I'll be happy to talk to you whenever you need me" he handed me a folded piece of paper and I took it from him and he left and I closed my dressing room. My eyes were blood red and I left.





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