All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


7. Mine


3 1/2 weeks later


February 14, 2014

8:30 am


Justin's P.O.V


Everything seems so perfect. I feel like the luckiest guy ever, Evellyn is mine again and I'm really happy. My arms were wrapped around her waist and she was cuddled up in the bed sheets sound asleep. She looked so beautiful and innocent. I kissed her cheek and got out of my bed and went downstairs and called the Flower shop down the street. "Hello" the guy answered, "hi it's me Justin b and I called because I ordered some flowers for my girlfriend and I was just wondering if they are already delivered In the place I asked it to be" there was silence "Yes sir we had them delivered already", "Ok thank you bye", "Bye" the guy said and I hanged up. I went back up stairs and Evellyn was still sleeping. I got back in bed and cuddled up next to her. I kissed her cheek and I saw her smile but her eyes were still closed. She opened them and she looked at me and she smiled, "Morning beautiful" I pecked her lips. "Morning" she rubbed her eyes and I stared at her, they way her hair was shining through the sun light and she had no makeup on but still looked absolutely gorgeous. I guess she saw me staring at her because I saw her blush a little, "Stop Justin" she whined. I chuckled "What's wrong baby" she turned back to look at me, "Stop staring at me"she buried her face in my chest. "Your just so Gorgeous" I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Whatever" she said she looked at me and I pinched her cheeks playfully. "I love you Ev" she took out her tongue at me "Love you too" I smiled knowing that she loved me. She got up from the bed and started walking out the door "Where are you going" I said and she turned back at me and shrugged, "I have no Idea just gonna walk around" I chuckled. "Well I'm not gonna let you go by yourself" I got up from my bed and ran to her and lifted her up and she shrieked. "Justin I have legs" I smiled at her, "I know but I want to carry you" she rolled her eyes playfully. I took her downstairs and i sat her on the kitchen counter. "I'm going to be your chef for today and I'm going to cook us some breakfast wait here my sexy" she giggled and I winked at her and she blushed. I went into my refrigerator and took out some eggs and milk and some other things. "What are you making chef" I looked at her and her feet were swinging back and forth, "Umm pancakes" she bit her lip. "Ohh" she said, she looked soo sexy her black hair was messy and wavy and the way her body looked so ughh. "Justin justin" she waved her hand at my face, "Hmm" I said she smiled "Aren't you gonna cook?" I licked my lips and dropped the ingredients and walked over to the counter she was sitting in and I ran my hands on her thighs. "Your such a tease Evellyn" I said and she giggled, "Baby you know me" she winked at me and pulled my shirt to bring me closer to her. Our lips were only inches apart, "Go cook bieber" she but her lip again. "Let me just get some motivation from my girlfriend" she smiled, "what kind of motivation?" I licked my lips and leaned in for a kiss she kissed back, my tongue asking for entrance and she gladly accepted. She broke the kiss, and she whispered in my ear seductively "need help baby" she giggled and I felt her hot breath in my neck. "Nope I got it handled princess just watch the master" she smiled, "well I'll be waiting" she winked and I kissed her cheek and I went back to pick up the stuff that I dropped and I started cooking. I mixed the pancake mica and started making them I cooled them in the form of a heart and put it on the plate and I set everything up while Evellyn was laughing at me run back and forth. "Do you need help now" I shook my head no "Whatever bieber" she giggled and I finally set everything on the table. "Breakfast is ready Beautiful" she bit her lip. "Really" she raised her eyebrow, "Yeah" I walked up to her and carried her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I sat her in her chair. I quickly ran to mine and she giggled. "Hmm smells good", "They are" I winked at her and she playfully rolled her eyes. "Aww they are cute heart shaped pancakes well done Bieber" I smiled, "well if I'm going to serve something to my princess I got to make sure they're good and properly served". She smiled,"I love you Justin", "I love you too". We started eating our pancakes and we talked and laughed. "Justin the breakfast was good but I have to go home", "Ok baby but I want to take you out later so wear something nice and don't ask me where because it's a surprise and I'll pick you up at 5 ok" she looked at me confused "ok then I'll see you later bye and thank you for the breakfast" she kissed my cheek "Your welcome beautiful" she smiled and started walking out the door, "Bye sexy" I yelled and she turned around and smiled. I have to make tonight perfect for the two of us.



Evellyn's P.O.V

I walked out of Justin's house and got in my car, I felt strange though as if someone was staring at me and stalking me. I felt my body get hot, I drove faster and got to my house quicker. I got to my house and ran inside my house and locked it, I felt a little more safe even though I knew someone was probably waiting for me to come outside my house. I wanted to call Justin but I didn't want him to panic and want him to do something wrong, so I decided not to call him. I went upstairs and took a shower and got out and changed into a short white dress (like the one in the book photo). After that I dried my long black hair and did messy wavy curls. I did my makeup and sprayed some perfume. I looked at myself in the mirror satisfied about my look. I went downstairs and sat in my couch and just browsed through my phone. I went on twitter and favorited some tweets and followed some people, I checked my notifications and saw that I was tagged in Justin's tweet

Justin Bieber: Great to have my love back @EvellynCarter #LoveYouUntilTheEnd 💗

I favorited it and retweeted it, I saw some pictures of me and justin hugging and kissing yesterday when we got back together, I saved the photos and went on Instagram and uploaded them and captioned it as

Can't never let go of you #Babybabyoh @justinbieber

I got lots of likes and a lot of fans were commenting on the photo. I smiled at them and logged off, I checked the time and it was 4:59 then it turned to 5 and my door bell rang. I rolled my eyes knowing it was Justin, I got up from my couch and checked in my mirror making sure I looked good and I opened the door and it was him. His mouth opened a little and he licked his lips, his eyes traveled down my body then at me he smiled and chuckled. "You look stunning" he said and I smiled, "Thanks and you look handsome" his hair was fixed nicely and he was wearing a white v neck shirt and he had black jeans on and some gold supras. "Thanks Baby" he kissed my cheek and he intertwined our fingers and we walked towards his car. He opened the passenger door for me and he quickly got into his seat. "Ready babe" he smiled at me and he turned the car on, "Uhmm yeah I guess but where are we.." He cut me off. "You'll see" he drove off and he drove for 15 min. The place looked soo familiar, then I recognized it the road is where me and Justin's secret place to be. We drove the last turn and there was a trail of candles leading to somewhere. Justin parked his car and got off and opened my door. He intertwined our fingers and he turned to look at me and smiled, "you'll love it baby" he kissed my cheek and I smiled. We followed the path of candles and everything was beautiful. There was a picnic basket and blanket laying there and there was a lake and a waterfall behind it. I turned to look at Justin and he smiled. We walked over to the picnic basket and we sat on the blanket. "Today is Valentines day and I want you to be my valentines" I smiled and pecked his lips, "sure" he smiled really huge and he opened the picnic basket. "Hmm I packed really good foods" he took out some pizza and we ate and talked And we stared at the beautiful water fall. Everything was perfect the moonlight shined and it was the only light there is with the candles. "Do you want some chocolate covered strawberries" he asked and I nodded. He took out the chocolate covered strawberries and fed me one. Justin stood up and he took off his shirt, "What are you doing" I asked and he winked. "Going for a swim care to join me" my eyes got big.


Justin's P.O.V


"Come on baby" I said taking off my shoes and pants and I was only left in my underwear. She giggled "Justin it's too dark and you don't know what's under the water". "But I guess I'm about to find out" i jumped into the water and it was freezing but not that much. I pulled my wet hair back. "Come one Ev" she shook her head no. "Justin I didn't bring any extra clothes, "Then go in naked" I winked at her and she rolled her eyes. "Whatever but I'm not going in naked its too cold and turn around " I chuckled and and turned around.



Evellyn's P.O.V

I got up and took off my shoes and started taking off my dress, I had to go in there practically naked because the dress was bra free.



Justin's P.O.V


I couldn't help it I wanted to turn around soo bad but even though Evellyn told me not too. I turned around a little and she was taking off her dress, I bit my lip and turned away not to look. "There" I said, "Ok there" she said softly. I turned around and my jaw dropped, she looked so sexy. She had no bra on and she was absolutely amazing. "Wow" I stuttered and she rolled her eyes. She started getting into the water and she shrieked a little and I chuckled. I swam to her and pulled her close. "Baby your a-m-a-z-i-n-g your beautiful" I can tell she blushed. "Thanks bieber" she smiled and I smiled back. I licked my lips and I carried her up in the water while her legs were wrapped around my waist. "I love you Evellyn I hope you know that" she wrapped her hands around my neck. "I love you too Justin and know that I do" I smiled and I kissed her. Her soft lips were on my lips and we kissed and I felt everything was magical and I felt butterflies. She smiled into the kiss and she playfully bit my lip and she broke the kiss. I licked my lips. "Your mine mine mine mine MINE" I yelled and she smiled. "Let's go under a water swim" she nodded and I grabbed her hand and we went under the water and she waved at me and I waved back. We both went back for air and she smiled at me. We both stared into each other's eyes and I got lost into her beautiful dark brown eyes. I couldn't help but pull her close and kiss her. She kissed back and one again I lifted her up and I took her out of the water. I carried her to the blanket were we had the picnic and kicked the basket aside and I laid her down not breaking the kiss and her hands were wrapped around my neck. We both broke the kiss and we both smiled. I looked down at her boobs and stared at them, "Justin" she coughed I quickly turned to look at her and I smiled. "We can't do anything here someone can spot us" I grunted and she chuckled. "Well let's go then" I stood up and I helped her up and we quickly got changed. "Let's go" I lifted her up and carried her and ran to the car. I put her in her seat and I ran to my seat and drove off. "Justin this is not the way my house is or yours" I looked at her and winked. "Who says we are going back to my house or yours", " wait what" she had a confused face. "You'll see I have something planned for us" I said and she but her lip. I drove to the fanciest hotel in L.A that I had reserved for my and Evellyn. I parked and I got out of my car and opened Evellyn's. Papparazi were there taking pictures of us. I intertwined me and Evellyn's hand and I pulled her close. "Justin Justin do you have something g planned for Evellyn are you guys gonna you know" one of then yelled. I ignored them and me and Evellyn quickly got in the hotel. I walked up to the front desk with Evellyn. "Hello sir how can I help you" the lady said, "Uhmm I have a reservation" the women lord at me and nodded and started typing in her computer. "Yeah Uhmm here is your room key it's one of the best suites here in this hotel and I hope you and your girlfriend enjoy your stay" the lady smiled. "Thanks and we will" I said and me and Evellyn walked over to the elevator and we clicked for the top floor. As we waited for the elevator to come Evellyn rested her head on my shoulder. The elevator doors finally opened and we got in and the elevator took us to the last floor. We got out and we looked for the room. " 345 and 346 there it's is" I put the key in the door and I unlocked it. The room was dark and you couldn't see anything. Evellyn was cuddled next to my arm. I turned on the lights and she gasped. The suite was really big and pretty. We got In and I closed the door shut and I locked it. I took her to the living room.



Evellyn's P.O.V


In the living room there were dozens of dozens of roses, "It's beautifu" I said, "Not as much as you" I kissed her cheek and blushed. "Justin I love it" I went over to him and hugged him. I wrapped my hands around his neck and his on my waist. "Well I'm glad you love it baby girl I know those are your favorites" I pecked his lips. "Wanna see the bedroom" I nodded and he took me to the room it was huge and there was a glass table and there was a vase of red roses, a couch and a white rug and a heart shaped bed.


Justin's P.O.V

"I'm going to take a shower I smell like lake water" I chuckled and she turned to face me. "Wait but I have no clothes" she but her lip, "I wouldn't mind nothing the better" she playfully hit my arm. "Justin you perv I'm serious", "Don't worry I'll order some clothes for you and they'll bring it and I'll leave them in the bathroom meanwhile your taking a shower don't worry baby" she looked unsure, "Fine" she started walking into the bathroom. "Don't lock it though" she turned her head at me and winked. I ran to the phone and ordered the best clothes for Evellyn and some clothes for me for tonight and tomorrow. As I waited for the clothes to be delivered I went into the bedroom and I sat in the couch and decided to take a picture of me. I went on shots and took a picture of me pointing at the bed and uploaded it. I turned off my phone and there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it and there was the room service guy with the clothes. He handed them to me and I closed the door and I grabbed mine and her clothes and I took it In the bathroom. The door was opened and her angelic voice was singing. Her voice was perfect. I laid the clothes there and I decided to join her. I took of my clothes and I snuck into the shower and luckily she had her eyes closed. I wrapped my hands around her waist and she shrieked. "Omg" she turned to look at me and I chuckled. "Justin you scared the shit out of Me" I smiled and pinched her cheeks. "Aww baby I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you" she finally smiled and she playfully rolled her eyes. My eyes wandered down her body and up. I licked my lips "Evellyn Your body is Beautifful" I pulled her close and she blushed. "Aww Evellyn your a cutie" she giggled and whispered in my ear seductively "Jerry" her hot breath against my neck sent shivers down my whole body. She bit her lip and she walked out of the shower, "where do you think your going baby". "I'm done taking a shower duh" she smiled and wrapped her towel around her wet body and she grabbed her clothes and left. I quickly turned off the shower water and I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist and grabbed my clothes and walked out of the bathroom. I paused when I reached to the bedroom door and I stood there. I licked my lips and I watched Evellyn change. She was absolutely Perfect she was all I can dream of. She had the most amazing body ever and I am really lucky she's Mine. She put on her tank top and she pulled her wet hair back. I whistled and she turned around and she rolled her eyes. "When are you ever gonna stop checking me out" I licked my lips and walked over to her. I pulled her close to me and she wrapped her hand around my neck. I lifted her up and She wrapped her hands around my waist, and I laid her on the bed. "With a body like yours I don't think I'll ever stop" I said and she giggled. We stared into each other's eyes and I couldn't help it but kiss her soft lips. I ran my hand down her thighs. She flipped us around so she was on top of me. She broke the kiss and she giggled. "Go change bieber" she got off me "Awwe" I said and got up and sat on the bed. "I want to cuddle with my baby" I did a puppy dog face, "You will once you get changed" I quickly got up and started changing.



Evellyn's P.O.V


I left the room and saw a balcony. I got out and stood there and watched the city lights. I felt a pare of strong arms wrap around my waist. I looked down at his hand and he was carrying a rose. "Evellyn" he said softly, "yes" I said. He let me go and I turned around to face him. "I love you soo much and I'm really glad you gave me another chance and I just wanted to let you know that I won't ever let you go no matter what and I want you to promise me something" he looked at the rose then at me. He chuckled "Baby girl I want you too promise me that you'll be mine to the end" I looked at the rose and there was a a little diamond in the middle, he took out the little diamond and it was a ring. "Evellyn promise me please" he said I was speechless. "I promise you" he smiled brightly and he put the ring on. "It's a promise ring" he chuckled. I looked at the ring and it had a J on it. "Do you have one" I said and he smiled, "of course baby girl" he took out his hand and showed me his ring and it had an E on it it. "Aww I love you Justin to the moon and back and more" I cuddle up next to him and hi hands were wrapped around my waist. "I love you too baby to the moon and back and more" he kissed the top of my head. "I have something for you too Lil Za helped me pick it out" justin looked at me. "You didn't have to get me anything" He said and I smiled, "But I wanted too I hate it when you spoil me and I have to spoil you too you know" he chuckled. "Let's take a picture" he took out his phone and he took a picture of us smiling and kissing. "This is going on twitter later" he winked and he carried me up bridal style. "Justin" I said, "Yes baby" he said and started walking inside. "Where are we going" he opened the bedroom door and he closed it shut. He laid me on the bed


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