My Poems

We've only started poetry in English, so they're not going to be great. And I'm not a very poetic person. But why not? :)


4. Poem Four

The mustangs shoot across

The plain like bullets

The sound of their hooves

Like thunder


They trot as proud as peacocks,

The masters of the land

They radiate power and beauty

As their strides eat up the land


As wild as a storm,

Unable to be tamed

They’re far too proud

To bow down to anyone’s commands


The dust hangs behind them

Like a golden cloud.

It hides them,

Giving the land a fairytale look


Their manes flow

Like breaking waves

Long and curled,

Slightly bleached by the summer sun


The sunset is more perfect

Than an oil painting

Their bodies are silhouettes,

Moving, graceful and perfect


They stay alert,

Always looking for predators

As darkness falls, they settle

Like shadows on the land


In the morning,

They’ll set off again.

Moving towards civilisation,

Curious about its inhabitants


But they don’t know that it’ll be their last time.

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