Little White Lies!

When Louis for gotten girlfriend and her two BFF's from Doncaster are on summer vacation in Toronto decide to visit him and the boys will Louis learn the truth... And will Niall and Harry fall for her best friends...


2. Going to see him

Kassy's POV 


I was going to Starbucks to pick coffee up for me and the girls and when I turned around I saw

him, Louis I walked over to his table...

"Hey" i said as he looked up

"Hey,  I recognize you" he said standing up

"Oh, ya you remember right" I asked 

"ya I never forgot, here come and sit down" he said As I sat down in front of him

"if you never forgot why did you start dating Eleanor" I asked

"because of all those nights waiting for you to text or call me it was hurting me inside

i thought you didn't care any more" he explained

"Lou, you know I'll always care" I said 

"well then what happened" he asked 

"dog, phone, toilet" I said 

"your dog dropped your phone in the toilet" he said a little confused 

"ya, but that still doesn't explain how you ended up with el" I said

"oh ya, well because if how worried I was about you and management wouldn't let

me go home till the tour ended I started dating el to take my mind of you after our first tour ended I got back home and ran straight to your house without saying hi to anyone else when I got there no one was home but the door was unlocked so I went in" he contenued

"stalker!" I interrupted as we both started laughing 

"no I'm not a stalker I was just very worried" he said looking down I saw him blushing

"ok so what did you do at my house" I asked

"I ran upstairs and saw a knife in you're desk with blood in it I thought you started cutting your self or worse killed your self I started balling my eyes out till when I saw a picture of a knife in your heart in a box in the basement I ran up to your room and laid on your bed looking up at the fan wondering if I should kill my self or not so I called ed and you know he convinced me not to kill myself and for that hole month I stayed in your bed crying my eyes out thinking it was my fault your parents got home I ran down stairs and asked what happened they said you where gone" he said but was interrupted by my laughing 


Louis POV

Her laugh is so adorable 




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