Little White Lies!

When Louis for gotten girlfriend and her two BFF's from Doncaster are on summer vacation in Toronto decide to visit him and the boys will Louis learn the truth... And will Niall and Harry fall for her best friends...


3. going to see him part 2

Louis POV

I was explaining what happened and she started laughing her head off

"What" I said "is there a tea mustache" I said putting my hand over my mouth

"No" she said laughing

"Then tell me what is it" I said

"You thought I was murdered or killed my self " she laughed

"Ya" I replied looking down

"I was acting in a movie and I got murdered in the movie then came back to life it's a horror movie" she explained

"Really, I acted on if I had you" i started to brag

"Ya but you had like 5 seconds" she said denying it

"A very special 5 seconds" I said smiling

Kassy's POV

He started bragging so I played along with it.

"Ya but I was one of the main characters" I said

"Well then why did your mom say you where gone" he asked

"To my friends" I said being sassy


"Well I got to go my friends are waiting for me back at the hotel" I said getting up

"Wait" he said running after me and putting his hand on my shoulder before I could walk out

"What hotel are you staying at" he asked

"Um... The travelogue hotel... Why" I asked

"Same" he said

"Wow, do you want me to wait for you" I asked sarcastically

"Ya, actually that would be quit nice" he said smiling like an idiot I rolled my eyes

"Please" he wined begging me "I just have to go the the toilets" he continued

"Fine" I finally gave in, I went out side and sat on a bench waiting I took my phone out I looked at it 1 new message It was from my friend Phoebe, her parents died a year ago and she had to be adopted she's in a foster home in Montreal

To: Kassy

Massage: Hey I heard you where in Canada for a bit I was wondering if you wanted to come visit me for a while?

I would love to but I'm not technically a legal adult I'm only 16 ya I know me and Louis dated but that was because we were young and didn't care.

To: Phoebe

Massage: Ya sure I would love to, but I'll have to ask my mom first

I put my phone down on my lap a few seconds later she texted me back

To: Kassy

Massage: ok but I'm not talking to you till I get the answer

To: Phoebe

Massage: ok gtg

A few seconds later I felt warm hands on my waists I turned around to see louis

"Hey babe" he said pulling me into a hug

"Hey" I said pulling away I know if I'm with him like this people might think we're dating or anything and the fans spread gossip pretty fast.

Louis POV

I don't really know why she pulled away so fast but I'm not gonna worry about that right now I'm just so happy now that I know she's safe.

"You ready" she asked me

"Ya" i said looking around for her car

"Oh ya I came out at 12:00 in the morning and couldn't get a cab or wake anyone so I took my skateboard" she explained

"Oh, it's ok I did the same"

"Then where's your skateboard" she sassed scanning me for it

Kassy's POV

"Then where's your skateboard" I sassed scanning him for his skateboard

"Oh um" he said looking for it he got up and ran back into the Starbucks I laughed at his reaction he came back out with the skateboard I gave him before he auditioned for x-factor

"You still have it" I asked

"Ya I use it all the time actually" he said

"Wow" I said surprised

"What it's like my good luck charm"

"Well, duh" I said teasing him

"Hay" I said playfully

"Come on let's go" I said putting my board down and hopping on it

"Ok" he said catching up

"But first there's somewhere we should go" I said

"Where" he asked

"Well we have skateboards why not go to a skate park"

"Is there any" he asked

"Ya" i replied

"Where and how do you know"

"My aunt lives down in Cornwall I came here because there's no airport in Cornwall she's picking me up tomorrow I've been exploring Toronto all night I come here for a while every year to see her" I reminded him

Louis POV

Ok maybe I forgot one thing bit it's kinda confusing because I was gone for so long and I don't care about our past anymore I just don't wanna leave her side ever again.




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