Little White Lies!

When Louis for gotten girlfriend and her two BFF's from Doncaster are on summer vacation in Toronto decide to visit him and the boys will Louis learn the truth... And will Niall and Harry fall for her best friends...


4. Finding out the truth

Louis POV

I really like Kassy and I really want to date her again before we leave the skate park I'm gonna ask her.

"We should go now" she said grabbing her skateboard

"Wait before we go I wanna ask you something" I asked

"Sure what is it" she asked

"Will you be my girl friend again" I asked

"What about El" I asked

"I'll break up with her" I said

"I'm sorry no" she said looking down

Kassy's POV

I want to date Louis again but I don't want to get between them and I'm scared Eleanor might hate me

"Please" he begged "I only got together with her to make me feel better and less guilty" he continued

"Fine" I gave in

"Yay" he said

"Now let's go back to the hotel" I suggested

*skip ride home*

Louis POV

We got to the hotel

"I got to go trough the back door or else the fans will come you go through the front door ok" I explained

"Ok I'll meet you on the stairs" she said running around the hotel

Kassy's POV

I got to the front of the hotel and searched my pockets for my card "shit" I whisper to my self I knew the girls will open the door for me if I knock anyway, so I went into the lobby I walked through the door and started walking through the lobby and to the stairs but was stopped by Paul

"You can't come in here" he said blocking me

"It's ok I'm in this hotel" I explained

"Let me see your key card then" he asked me holding his hand out for the card


"In sorry if you don't have a card you can't come in" he said motioning his arms to get me to leave

"No I do have a room" I said not moving, I'm not scared of a security guard I've been learning kerate since I was literally 1 I think I can take him down if I tried

"Sorry but I don't believe-" he started but was interrupted

"It's ok she's with me" Louis said grabbing my hand and walking me by

"Thanks" I said hugging Louis

"Your welcome, and knowing you you would have just taken him down witch would have been awesome but not in a hotel"

"Your actually right" I giggled

When we got to his room Eleanor was watching a movie

"Hey Louis" she said sitting up

"Hey" Louis replied

"Who's this" asked Eleanor

"I'm Kassy"

"Oh hey" she said smiling. I was still a bit sacred she'll hate me

"Hey" I waved at her

"El... Um... I'm sorry I'm breaking up with you" blurted louis

"Why" El said getting up

"Remember I told you about my ex I thought was dead and I couldn't help but take blame" he started

"Ya, and you started dating me to move on" she replied

"Well it was Kassy and it turned out it was a miss under standing"

"Oh" she said looking down

"We can still be friends good friends" he continued

"I wish" she said looking at Louis

"What do you mean" he asked

"You can't break up with me" she said starting to cry a bit. Me and Louis sat beside her

"Ya I can El" he said

"No not that" she said

"What do you mean" we asked her as she started to cry even more

"Management" she started

"Huh" Louis started

"I signed a contract for my modeling career and i didn't know that they could give me me to a manager the contract said if I break it then I would lose every thing I had and they threatened to kill me and my family" she started

"So why didn't you tell me then" asked Louis

"Because they told me not to" she continued

"Who else knows" he asked

"No one, you probably never want to see me again anyway" She explained crying harder

"No I still want to see you as a friend can't we call management" he asked

"Ya I'll try" she replied

Eleanor's POV

I knew I was going to have to tell him eventually I called management and put it on speaker so they could hear it

"Hello" I heard an answer in the phone

"Hey Louis broke up with me he's dating someone else now her names Kassy" I explained

"Ya well to bad kill her do what ever just make him date you again" he yelled in the phone as she hung up

"Wow why did they even do this" asked Louis

"To cover Larry" I replied

"Management believes in Larry can a guy have a best friend geez" said Louis

"Well you guys can secretly date" I suggested

"Ya that's what we could do" me and Louis smiled and looked over at each other

Kassy's POV

We all talked for a little while longer till I realized the time, Shoot I forgot all about my friends waiting for me at our hotel room and it's almost 10:00pm there gonna be so worried about me

"I got to go my friends will be worried about me" I said getting up I gave Louis a kiss good bye and hugs Eleanor she was quite happy now that she knows Louis' not mad at her and she became one of my friends I went back and knocked on the door they answered I went in and we talked a little then went to sleep


I do ship Elounor I only broke them up to add drama

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