We all will stick together

A fan fic about all the boys and friends that will have a big change in there l........read to find out what happends to these 5 friends


9. chapter 8

3 hours later

Marley's POV

The show was over and we were going to are meet and greet time. I think it is only is us when we go there all the boys knew are names. They then asked us if we would all go on a 5 of us date tomarow night. We all screamed YES YES YES and gave them are numbers. We were the happiest people ALIVE!!

Anna's POV

Marley already told you but I just got asked out by Louis Tomlinson. I wounder why they would ask out 5 non British people to date but anyway YES YES YES. The thought of dating them blew my MIND!

Sophia's POV

Anna & Marley have already told you but I am so happy that's all!!

Sydney POV

I know Anna, Marley, and Sophia have you but YES!!

Hannah's POV

I no Sydney Marley Anna and Sophia have told you but I AM SO FLIPING HAPPY!!!!!!

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