We all will stick together

A fan fic about all the boys and friends that will have a big change in there l........read to find out what happends to these 5 friends


3. chapter 2

We went in and Anna saw Louis and screamed we tryed to stop her but we couldn't, then she blew are cover. Great job Anna I said to her. When Louis saw us he stayed calm and we did the same. We handcuffed Anna to Sydney so she would not hurt anyone or do something worse (FYI we went to a consert be for and hannah had a friend come and tame us and we bring like 3 or 4 pairs of handcuffs to tame us so we don't hurt anyone I mean anyone.)

10 mins later

Louis's POV

I just saw 4 girls and one was handcuffed to another. WEIRD! I let them go back and hide because they were calm besides that one girl that's ok because I'm all that and a bag of chips and they were smart. They had a meet and greet sticker but they knew the other girls would be all over us so they came in. I wish I got the handcuffed girls phone number all I knew was her name is Anna and she was 18 and came to a show before with the same friends she was with 10 mins ago and one more.

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