We all will stick together

A fan fic about all the boys and friends that will have a big change in there l........read to find out what happends to these 5 friends


2. chapter 1

I was going to the one direction consert and got there 3 hours before everyone else. It was Anna, Sophia, Hannah, Sydney, and me Marley. We were walking around out back so when we were walking in in the back of venu we saw the tour bus pull up and we ran and hid. One direction got out of the tour bus. Hannah and Anna almost started scarming but we stoped them before we got cought. We saw Paul look around making shure that no girls around. We all ran so Paul would not see us. When the boys went inside we went back to the spot we were in before.

5 mins later

Then we went in the venu that 1D was at. We went in and hid so no one would see us but we could see them to see them before even though we had a meet and greet. We liked them that much and we know that the other girls at the meet and greet would be all over them.

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